A formal written contract is always a better option than an oral promise. It can protect your interests, payments and limit your legal obligations as a signing party. These days, many readymade and customizable contract templates are available that one can choose from to get their contract documentation needs fulfilled. Not only can it save you precious time in drafting one, it is legally admissible in the court also. A legal contract can protect you in case of any unfortunate circumstances or disputes among the signing parties.

A signed legal contract ensures work gets done smoothly, on time and without any hassle. Since our forms and templates are written by legal experts, they are admissible in the court irrespective of your state.

What Is A Legal Contract?

A legal contract is a lawfully and formally enforceable agreement between signing parties. It is a contract that lists the binding duties of all parties signing the contract. A signed legal contract ensures all parties abide by their responsibilities listed and payments are made as per terms defined in the contract.

These days you can easily download a contract template and modify it to add your own terms, edit the language, sign it digitally and also send it to other parties to sign through the e-signature service provider online. You can then download it as a PDF and keep it for the contract duration or future reference without having to step out from the comfort of your home or office.

Why Does A Business Need to Use A Contract?

For any business, time is money. If you are losing time requesting people and waiting for them to complete work as desired, a formal legal contract is just the thing you need. With a legally binding contract, your service providers are obliged to provide you the needed service, in time and in your budget.

A formal contract also protects a business from disputes and court cases later. A business can protect its data, sensitive business information, property and interests by getting work done through a formal contract only.

A promise is just a promise. Like life, businesses can’t run on promises alone. Choose a contract template that best defines your business needs from our bunch of legally drafted contracts and get it signed for your peace of mind.

Just download it, edit, get it e-signed and you are good to go.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Write A Contract?

You don’t have to pay hefty fees to a lawyer to write a contract for you. CocoSign provides you carefully drafted contract templates in a variety of domains from legal experts. All you have to do is download one from our contract template library, add your information, digitally sign it and send it to the other party to seal the deal through our popular e-signature software.

Contract Templates FAQs

Are your contract templates legally binding?

CocoSign provides a range of carefully drafted contract templates from legal experts to protect your interests as a party. These signed contracts are admissible in the court in case of any dispute.

Can I edit your contract template?

You can easily edit a contract template, once downloaded and upload it back again for e-signing.

Does your contract template protect my interests as a party?

Our contract templates are carefully drafted to protect the interests of all parties involved. So whether you are a buyer or a seller, your contract templates are for you..

How do I sign a contract online from the comfort of my home?

Using our e-signature service online, you can easily sign your contract from your laptop, tablet or mobile. For account holders, CocoSign also saves their document history, changes and digital signature for future use.

How do I send a signed contract to other parties for their signature?

Once digitally signed, our e-signing software services allows you to email the contract to other parties to esign with our services. We also send you a confirmation email when they have signed it. The document is then saved as a PDF for you to download.

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