eSignature Solutions for Human Resources

The eSignature solution provides HR with a secure, reliable, swift, and streamlined workflow. You can track and get signs from multiple people on a document from anywhere. eSignatures let you spend less time with documents and more time with people.

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Learn How CocoSign Improves Document Workflow for Human Resources

Speed Up Employee Recruiting Processes

Get medical doctor and patient forms signed on the spot from any device. Stay in the loop on your signature requests’ status with timely notifications or send reminders to get signatures on time.

Work From Anywhere in the World

The best advantage of digitising is the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. Your work knows no boundaries. Send or receive your documents from anywhere and sign them at any time!

Track the Status of Your Document in Real-Time

The status of your documents can be tracked in real time. Through esignatures, you will know who has got, signed or not signed your documents.

Reduce Cost

eSignatures considerably reduces the cost by completely eliminating the hardware equipment cost. You can cut down the cost of space, paper, printer, toner, scanner, and associated accessories.


Stores Documents on a Centralized System

The HR industry can enjoy the quick access to all documents on a centralized system using Cloud technology. Moreover, you can use the file versioning feature to keep a track of the change log.

Improve Visibility

The HR department can send the company policies and other documents to the employees. This improves the visibility as it is easy to track the employee 's response.

Use Cases

Here's a list of some uses cases where eSignature helps the human resources industry:

  • Employment Offer Letters
  • Confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreements
  • Proposals and Quotations
  • Project Plans and Delivery Agreements
  • Statement of Work Documents
  • Performance Review and Employee Evaluation Forms
  • Training Requests
  • Application Forms
  • Notices for Company Policies
  • Company-Wide Announcements
  • Approval Forms
  • Equipment Procurement Requests

So you can spend more time with your people

Manage your employee paperwork effectively

Manage your employee-related paperwork in a hassle-free way online. Use, edit, and sign off on documents online.

Check employee form templates here

Quick employment related paperwork filling

Speed up your employment-related paperwork with the help of templates. Use, edit, and sign through CocoSign.

Check employment contract templates here

Quickly fill out a resignation letter

Don't waste time coming up with a perfect resignation letter. Use a pre-made one instead. Sign and send quickly online.

Check resignation letter templates here

Human Resources FAQs

What does CocoSign do and how does it work?

CocoSign is an e-signature solution that allows you to sign, send, receive, and manage your documents digitally. The web-app also offers paperwork management tools for individuals and businesses. It's user-friendly and works equally well on smartphones and PCs.

Why should I use CocoSign for my HR workflow?

CocoSign comes with multiple useful document signing and management tools like multi-signatory support, email reminders, templates, and API integration. You'll be able to manage paperwork better and get work done faster through the platform. It certainly beats signing with paper.

Is the HR-related paperwork I create or sign using CocoSign legally-binding?

Yes, the HR-related paperwork you create or sign with CocoSign will have legal standing. Digital signatures are now accepted in 60+ countries worldwide. They are as binding and enforceable as paper documents.

Can I safely store sensitive employee data on CocoSign?

You can store documents that have sensitive employee data on CocoSign, yes. It employs all the latest security protocols and is as safe as it gets. If you'd like to be safer, you can use the auto-expiration feature that deletes any stored document after a period of time.

Can I send out contracts to my employees or temporary hires using CocoSign?

Yes, you can send out any document, including contracts, to your employees or temp workers with CocoSign. Further, you can track the status of the document and the signature, and send them reminders if necessary.

Do I need an account to sign documents or contracts on CocoSign?

You don't need an account to sign documents and contracts on CocoSign, but it's recommended that you get one. You'll need it if you'd like to store your signature, download documents, and make use of CocoSign's advanced features.

How many poeple can use CocoSign at once?

CocoSign supports mass signatories. Multiple people can sign a document at once or in sequence, if desired.

What kind of documents does CocoSign support?

CocoSign will support any and all kind of documents in popular digital formats like Word and PDF. This includes healthcare forms, waivers, petitions, sales contracts, legal agreements, financial agreements, NDAs, and even permission slips.

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