What We Can Do?

Simplify Your Workflow

CocoSign will help manage and track your document workflow. All users will get the completed document right away after each party has finished the signing process as required

Multiple Signature Options

With CocoSign, each signing party can use multiple ways to sign a document. Type in the name and choose a suggested signature, draw a signature using the mouse or trackpad, or simply upload a scanned signature to CocoSign platform.

Guarantee Compliance And Safety

CocoSign utilizes SSL encryption, the foremost encryption protocol adopted by all major service providers. It is resilient against any cyber attacks to make sure all the user’s personal data and e-signature are protected digitally.

CocoSign for Drive

Looking to customize, sign and send your Google Drive documents? With CocoSign, you can easily sign any documents in Google Drive anywhere and anytime. All signed documents will be automatically saved in your Google Drive for future use.

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Drive add-on

CocoSign for Docs

You can edit, sign, and send a document without ever leaving Docs. Once you have confirmed the document is completed, simply select a Drive folder to save the file and send it out to your destination right away.

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Docs add-on

CocoSign for Gmail

To streamline your workflow, you can easily esign and send documents directly from Gmail. By clicking the CocoSign icon in the Google Add-on bar, you can instantly sign email attachments in your Gmail account.

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What Do Our Customers Say About Us?

“ As an insurance agent, one of the reasons that I prefer CocoSign is its ability to make the remote insurance contract signing process easier and quicker. Documents get processed faster and with more efficiency. Moreover, I do not have to track their progress at all since I am alerted by email regularly ”

Alyssa Green - Insurance Professional

“CocoSign’s signature has been a revelation for my company. Not only can you use it to collect and embed signatures digitally, but the interface is pretty simple. Moreover, all thanks to its customer service system, I have never had any technical issues with the platform.”

Tim Turner - DIG Marketing

“CocoSign has made digital signatures very easy to collect and use. Also, since it has a very efficient and protected security system and encryption, I am comfortable with storing documents and data here. And it is really quick. All it takes is 10 minutes for the process to complete. ”

Jenn Plummer - Private Business owner

“With CocoSign, we have been able to improve our processing time in closing deals by a huge margin. Now, contracts are processed and passed on pretty quickly. What it has also done is helping enhance our internal and external customer service. With higher speeds, we have been able to streamline and organize our business processes.”

Alex Fisher - Housing Agent


How do I add CocoSign to G Suite?

Simply choose the G Suite add-on you need and install it onto your device. This way you can sign any documents on G Suite.

How do I sign a document from Google Drive?

To sign a document from Google Drive, you should create a file to be signed or download it. Then, right-click on it and select the Open with CocoSign tab.

Where can I find signed documents?

Open your CocoSign account to see all signed documents. If you want to automatically transfer them to Google Drive, please go to Cloud Storage and click the “Export” on CocoSign. Then, you will find all signed files on your drive.

How to export signed templates to Google Drive automatically?

You can export the signed templates to Google Drive automatically by activating the Enable Export on the Sign option. Besides that, you can also do it manually by clicking Export Signed Docs Now.

Do I have to log into my CocoSign account every time when I’m creating an e-signature?

As long as you are not logged out, you don’t need to log in every time to create e-signature.

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