How CocoSign Improves Document Workflow For Real Estate Professionals
Fix real estate deals in no time

CocoSign helps real estate agents and buyers in filling out forms and completing the transaction processes. This is all because of its eSignature solutions that provide more business to agents and quick possession of the property to buyers.

Gain mobility

Cocosign’s e-signature solutions provide mobility that each party associated with real estate transactions seeks. In a world of busy schedules, parties can virtually sign the needed documents from anywhere, anytime.

Add transparency

Enabling both parties to access all the documents through a highly protected digital signature adds transparency to the system. It boosts the confidence of all those allowed to sign the documents, making the process more efficient and seamless.

Cut costs

Documents required in a real estate agreement are too many. Transferring all the paperwork to digital form saves a lot of additional costs involved, like printing, scanning, storage, and faxing.

Provide momentum to the business

Faster and quick turnover in meeting the expectations of customers regarding the fulfillment of real estate related procedures results in gaining more customers on the way. Hassle-free contract signing can provide the needed momentum to business.

Ease of process

Real estate processes are indeed lengthy and complicated. CocoSign’s signature solutions will provide the ease of getting the documents signed by all parties and will change the outlook of parties towards real estate processes.

Use Cases

Real estate companies make the use of electronic signature for:

  • Buyer, Seller, broker agreements
  • Approval of real estate loans
  • Landlord contracts
  • Housing agency contracts
  • Registered communications like certified emails

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