CocoSign Privacy Policy

CocoSign is dedicated to safeguarding your privacy and personal data. This document describes how we collect, use and store your data.

CocoSign’s privacy policy is applicable to all its websites and apps including that on Android, iOS, third party apps and other platforms on desktop, mobile, tablets etc. It is important that you read this privacy policy. You may also contact us for any clarifications.

Part 1: How We Collect Your Personal Information

When you sign-up for CocoSign, you may be asked for personal information about you like name, email address, contact number, address, payment information and your signature required for the signing process.

In case you are signing in to your CocoSign account using any email or social media service provider like Google, Facebook or similar, these service providers may have their additional information sharing terms and conditions in compliance to their privacy policy.

We also collect your data from your online activity and cookies when you visit our website or app only to tailor our services to suit your needs.

Part 2: How We Use Your Information

We only collect and use your information when and as required, with reason and with your explicit written consent. In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations, we only use your information to fulfill the document signing requirements offered by us.

We may also use your information to comply with any legal or statutory requirement and related provisions of the law applicable to different countries and their states. Furthermore, we may also use your information to improve the quality of our current or future offerings and services and offer you a better user experience next time.

Part 3: How We Share Your Information

CocoSign does not share or sell client data to anyone except for third parties to enable it to provide you the complete set of signing services and information you may need. We only work with the industry’s most reputed, accredited and capable service providers to ensure privacy and security of your personal and payment information.

We may share your information to display ads from our partners, sending promotional emails and newsletters in case you are using our free signing feature, data analysis, debit and credit card partners, suppliers who support us in providing these services to you.

We may also share your information with the legal authorities in your country in accordance to the prevailing laws, or if you have consented for your information to be used for any promotional activities in the print or digital media, client testimonials and so on.

Part 4: Retention of Personal Information

Your personal information is stored with us at the time of creating your account and as you use our signing service. It remains with us at all times unless you make a written request from your registered email id for your information and/ or account to be deleted.

If we do delete your information as per your request, the information shared by you in your documents to other users for signing purposes like name, email etc. will continue to show on those documents.

User information deleted by us as part of periodic system maintenance or upon your request may be stored for up to a month after the information deletion request was made. CocoSign is not liable for deleting documents or information shared by their users to others through various online- offline mediums.

We may also have to store your personal information for a specified period for accounting requirements and in accordance with the laws of your country. CocoSign will only remove the personal information and data when requested and not any related software, apps, digital signatures etc. stored on digital devices of the user.

Part 5: How We Protect Your Information

CocoSign is committed to protecting the information of its users in the best possible way and in accordance with the prevailing security technologies, tools, techniques and industry best practices.

We protect our user’s personal data from any kind of illegal or unauthorized access, loss or sabotage. CocoSign uses industry best practices such as data encryption, two factor authentication, passwords and authorized usage only on the documents and systems where user data is stored.

We conduct periodic security checks on data and systems and upgrade our security standards to prevailing industry standards.

Part 6: What Are Your Choices About Your Information

We take your express written consent before obtaining your information for document signing e-service. We also ask you to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions before creating your account on our web or mobile platform.

You also have full access to your personal information, stored data, change log and history on our signing service platform. You can also free to make any edits, additions, deletion on your data and personal information as you deem fit.

CocoSign is not liable for any information, misinformation, misrepresentation of information or declaration stored, updated or deleted by you. You have a choice to consent for use of your data for promotional activities such as sending promotional emails, text messages, calls etc. and you are free to opt-out whenever you want.

As a service provider, we always keep you posted about the status of your service, requests, changes, updates, security and more through periodic notifications, alerts through email, phone or calls. To know more about our information usage policies, you may write to us on our email or call using the “Contact Us” page of our website.

CocoSign is committed to providing information to its users as and when requested by them. However, in case of a legal dispute or request for any specific information, a suitable management fee may be charged to cover the expenses.

Part 7: Children’s Privacy

CocoSign’s signing services are only available to legal adults who have attained the age of 18 years or are considered as adults legally and have a right to enter into a legal agreement or contract in their country or state.

Our signing services are not available to people below 18 years of age or who are still considered as minors in their country.

Part 8: Where We May Store, Process or Transmit Your Information

CocoSign takes utmost care to use the best available database storage, server and data center technologies to upload, share, process and store your information. Having said that, CocoSign cannot guarantee 100% security of your data.

In case of any data breach that we come across, we will notify you within four working days to your registered email id.

Part 9: Changes to This Policy

CocoSign may make reasonable amendments to this privacy policy from time to time. By accepting our privacy policy, you also agree to review and agree to any policy changes being made as you see fit.

If you do not agree with the changes in the privacy policy being made, you can opt out of our signing service by removing your information and deleting your accounts permanently.

Failure to express written consent to any policy change notification sent via email in a pre-specified time duration will be considered as your agreement to the policy changes.

Part 10: How to Contact Us

You can contact us anytime for any questions for clarifications. Alternatively, you can also reach out to us via phone, email or contact form through our “Contact Us” page during office hours or otherwise as stated on the contact page.

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