Commercial property owners, homes, small businesses or authorized caretakers of a property must always sign a contract when they need landscaping services from a professional landscaping service provider.

If you are an individual landscaping service provider or a landscaping company, this landscaping contract template will help you formalize your landscape service terms in a legal way that protects your payment rights and interests.

What Is A Landscaping Contract?

A landscape contract is a formal and legal contract signed between a landscaper and property owner/ authorized caretaker. It is similarto the lawncare agreement in some ways Through a landscaping contract template that is duly filled in and signed, property owners can peacefully enjoy the benefits of front yard or garden maintenance with aesthetics, along with a safe and sustainable ecosystem whereas landscapers can get the work done in a single go without having to re-arrange their staff or equipment due to lack of permissions, approvals and needed support.

What Is Covered In A Landscaping Contract?

A landscaping service contract covers the following:

  • Names, contact details of landscaper and property owner/ caretaker to be mentioned specifically in the contract
  • Details of landscaping services to be provided by the landscaper in exchange of payment
  • Pricing and charges related to each service, permission and approvals needed, equipment needed, number of staff to be deployed, any rentals and support services from the property owner. It also itemizes payment schedule, deposits and advances to be made
  • Timelines of competition of the project with detailed landscaping plan with day wise itinerary
  • Landscaper and property owner/caretaker responsibilities clearly defined and agreed to
  • Indemnification clause for the landscaper to absolve himself or herself of any future lawsuits related to work
  • Permission if requested for any promotional activities such as images or videos of pre and post landscaping work by the landscaper

Pros and Cons of Landscaping Contracts

Timely payment for landscapersA little time consuming to list out all expectations and responsibilities
Clear payment and budget expectationsWillingness in signing a formal contract
Preventing time and cost overruns in due course owing to permissions and approvalsLimitations due to weather and unforeseen circumstances
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