eSignature Solutions for Business Operations

Day to day business operations require an authoritative signature. Automate the entire workflow with CocoSign’s eSignature service and reduce the turnaround time by half. Suitable for every type of industry, time for you to get started for free and experience the corporate efficiency you’ve always strived for.

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Learn How CocoSign Improves Document Workflow For Business Operations

Automate Business Workflow

Eliminate the need for creating, drafting, collecting, and sorting of documents to run your day-to-day operations. Automate the entire workflow and optimize for performance. Extend the capabilities outside your business and let your clients and vendors sign electronically.

Ready-To-Use Templates for Your Business

With CocoSign, you can create legally-recognized documents within minutes. We have a collection of ready-to-use business templates that you can download, edit, and use as an agreement, policy paper, or anything that your organization demands.


Reduce Cost

By eliminating paperwork and reducing turnaround time, you subsequently reduce the overall cost for your business. This saving can be used to reinvest in your business to achieve growth. Our clients have been experiencing a 20-30% reduction in their business operation cost.

Safe and Secure Communication

Our entire website and server is protected by the highest standard of encryption technology like 128-bit encryption, which is logically unbreakable and two-factor authentication. When you use CocoSign, you can rest assured that your documents are in safe hands.


Sign the documents on the go with CocoSign. The web app works on both mobile and tablet devices. This way, we ensure your work is never interrupted because you weren’t able to sign the documents.

Get Signatures Done in Minutes

With CocoSign’s eSignature feature, you can have documents signed in minutes from anywhere in the world. Create multiple accounts and empower your entire team. Reduce the turnaround time and grow your business at a faster pace.

Use Cases

Businesses use CocoSign’s e-signature services in their everyday operations:

  • Document creation
  • Document signing and approval
  • Partnership agreement
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Budget approval
  • Purchase orders
  • Vendor management contracts
  • Contract violation documents
  • HR documents
  • New employee contracts

Digitize your most crucial documents and speed up your business

Complete operational documents like forms, surveys, and contracts for your state on CocoSign. Share and sign quickly across multiple departments.

Operation FAQs

How does CocoSign improve my operations workflow?

CocoSign makes handling your paperwork a breeze. Any document you sign in the physical world, you can online through CocoSign - faster and cheaper. It supports multiple signatories and offers features like templates, email reminders, and custom branding that make your life easier.

Is CocoSign safe to use?

Yes, CocoSign is as safe as it gets. Your data is protected by the latest security methods. Further, features like auto-expiration ensures any data you store on the platform is never compromised.

What kind of documents can I upload to CocoSign?

CocoSign supports all popular digital document formats like PDF and Doc. You can upload any contract, waiver, form, legal agreement, NDAs, petitions, permission slips, and more.

Can I ask other people to sign documents on CocoSign?

You can ask other people to sign documents through CocoSign, yes. You just send them a document you've created and request them to sign. You can track their signature status from your account dashboard, and also send them email reminders.

How do I send out documents on CocoSign?

You will need a CocoSign account. You'll find the document sharing or sending option in the document window. You can also track the status of the document from the dashboard.

Does CocoSign work without an account?

You don't need an account to try out CocoSign or sign a document with it, but you do need one to access advanced features. You can use your existing Google account to log into CocoSign.

Is it legally valid to sign documents on CocoSign?

Yes, any document you sign through CocoSign enjoys legal validity. This includes forms, waivers, contracts, and NDAs. Electronic signatures are accepted in 60+ countries worldwide.

Easier, Quicker, Safer eSignature Solution for SMBs and Professionals

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