New couples looking forward to wedding arrangements may require the services like wedding photography, wedding videography and wedding planner. Since a wedding is a lifetime memory, it is always advisable to use a formal wedding planner contract to help wedding planners and couples turn their wishes into reality.

What Is A Wedding Planner Contract?

A wedding planning contract is a formal agreement signed between the couples and the wedding planner with regards to the wedding to be organised. It not only details what both parties are supposed to do and how, but also acts as a blueprint for parties to refer to when the wedding date is close and too many things are already on hand.

Wedding planner contract templates identify all the information related to the wedding venues, arrangements and services needed, parties involved, the scope of work, delivery due dates and payment terms.

The wedding planner contract is binding for both the wedding planner and the couple and therefore ensures peace of mind for both the parties.

When Is a Wedding Planner Contract Needed?

A wedding planner contract is a must if you are looking to provide services for a wedding or looking to turn your dream wedding into a reality without any hassle. Irrespective of the budget, a formal contract can help get the best services for the couples and timely payments for the planners without any last minute confusion and delays.

What Does A Wedding Planner Contract Cover?

A wedding planner contract comprises of the following sections:

  • Name and contact information of couple and the wedding planner(s)
  • Date, time and locations of ceremony and reception
  • Itemized list of all the services agreed to be delivered by the wedding planner(s)
  • List of supplies to be made by the wedding planner with details on type, quality and quantity
  • Permissions and details of time required by the wedding planner to set up the venue on selected dates and times.
  • Detailed contact information of the wedding planning staff hired for the ceremonies to assist with the services agreed upon beforehand and ensure they understand your vision. You can also make sure you become familiar with the staff and ensure that your event will be in good hands.
  • Total costs involved with the wedding, payment terms, due dates and payment break up like advance, deposits and provision for miscellaneous expenditures.
  • Details of cancellation and refund terms in case of unforeseen circumstances, natural calamities, withdrawal of either party or other issues can help protect your interests and investments.

You can also change some of the portions of the wedding planner contract template to suit your needs.

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A wedding ceremony is one of the biggest days for any couple. Therefore, everything must remain perfect on that day. However, the planning for perfection begins with signing an ideal wedding planner contract, for which you can rely on our free wedding planner contract template. Click below to get your copy of the document.


A wedding is a lifetime memory. You can make it a happy occasion with our formal wedding planner contract template. CocoSign provides many professionally and legally drafted wedding contract templatesand wedding planning contract templates for all sorts of needs.

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