The resignation letters serve as a communication letter between an employee and the employer. The resignation letter is given by an employee or a worker to their supervising authority when they no longer wish to work under them.

It is a formal way to announce your departure from your workplace.

What Is a Resignation Letter?

Resignation letters are concise and formal letters that are submitted to the human resources department when an employee decides to quit the job. Any provision may be made which makes the process of resignation pleasant.

The purpose of a resignation letter is to notify the higher authorities of a business, firm, or some other workplace, that an employee intends to resign from the job and no longer wishes to work in the given work settlement.

This helps to leave the workplace on a good term with your employer and can also help you settle financial or any outstanding issues with your employer. If you are on the lookout for the jobs, then you will need one because companies often ask for referrals from the old workplaces.

Why Are Resignation Letters Important?

Resignation letters make sure that the process of your resignation is pleasant and linear. They can be further used to serve the following purposes:

  • The resignation letters make sure that you are leaving your employer on good terms.
  • When you are looking for job referrals after resignation, a good resignation letter will earn you the goodwill of your previous employer and this will bring invaluable referrals when you need them.
  • Your commitments and other matters can be managed and addressed through a formal resignation letter.
  • The resignation letter allows you to ask for any provisions during the resignation period.
  • The resignation letter gives time to your employer to look out for your replacements while you help with the transition.

How to Write a Resignation Letter?

There is a standard format to write a resignation letter. However, the contents of the letter are usually flexible and prone to change depending upon the type of resignation letter that you may be writing. Some of the common points to abide by are as follows:


It is the greeting at the start of the letter that is directed at the recipient i.e., your employer. The salutation can be formal or informal depending upon your relationship with your employer. However, it is essential that the recipient has been addressed in a clear manner.


In this section, you talk about the main content of your resignation. Keep the body of the letter simple and easy. The key points to be included are as follows:

  • Briefly state the reason for quitting your job.
  • Your expected date of last working day.
  • The worth of your work experience as an employee of the company.
  • State your employee information, and the address so that the employer can reach you in the future.
  • Offer help in the recruitment and training of your replacement.


End your letter by offering well wishes to your employer and close the letter by your signature.


The resignation letters are used when an employee wants to quit the job. They are formal and concise documents that make the author’s resignation process easier.

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