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Website icon Website: www.cocosign.com
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Email Signature Template Generator is currently a desktop-only tool. This helps us ensure that you are getting the best signature editing experience possible.

Email Signature Generator

An email signature is added at the end of the email you are sending to any person. The signature includes general information like your name, your company’s name, phone number, website URL, company logo, etc. In fact, any information which can portray your personality.

It is a block of text that can be automatically attached to every email by adding this to your settings options. This signature is generated using a signature generator software.

CocoSign provides the best email signature generator with all the latest features to add colors, different fonts, styles, backlinks, etc. It is built on the idea to create custom free email signatures anywhere and anytime. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of email signature templates to create your digital signature within a minute or two.

If it is for personal use, you can add your picture to it. But, if the signature needs to be professionally used in the name of the company, add the basic information of the company. Further, the signature is used by client-oriented employees, C-level persona, business owners, and freelancers.

How Do I Create an Email Signature?

It is easy to get lost in the pool of business communication. The recipient receives a lot of email in a day, they might forget about your message or your company after reading the message.

So to build an everlasting impression, a unique, professional email signature is very helpful. To create email signature which can stand out and is unique, you need to follow a few below given steps:

  • Put only the relevant information like your name, job title in your company, company’s name, contact information, company logo, etc.
  • Add colors, style, fonts which are consistent with your brand. Have a rough picture of the design in your mind and then start creating the layout. Insert space dividers to set the information in a readable and attractive way and follow an email signature design that follows the hierarchy to read the most important information first.
  • As this is an e-signature, add the relevant links to your social media handles, websites, etc. Basically, have some call to action for the recipient's ease. You can also make UTM codes to track the links in your signature.
  • Make sure the signature is properly visible on multi-channels like web or mobile.
  • To create a professional and engaging signature, work on a good email signature creator like CocoSign. Cocosign has all the latest features and design layout to create your desired signature.

Why Should I Use Email Signature?

A relevant signature with proper information helps the receiver to understand from where the email is coming. It will also make your email stand out in the pool of emails. This signature is your digital business card.

So, make sure you use a good free email signature generator and invest some time to customize it. Our hubspot email signature will help you generate unique signatures suitable to your company’s personality.

An email signature is a great method for your company’s marketing. It will help to advertise the product, service, or simply portray your message in a more efficient way. Besides, email signatures authenticate the message with your company identity on it.

Easier, Quicker, Safer eSignature Solution for SMBs and Professionals

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FAQ Content

How to append the new email signature to Gmail account?

  1. 1. Copy the email signature generated in CocoSign.
  2. 2. Log in to your Gmail account and click “see all settings”.
  3. 3. In the “General” page, scroll down to the section of “Signature” .
  4. 4. Hit the bottom “+ Create New”, create a new name for your new signature, and then paste the email signature.
  5. 5. Hit the tab “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.

How to append the new email signature to Outlook?

  1. 1. Copy the email signature generated in CocoSign.
  2. 2. Once you log into the Outlook account page, click the Home Tab > New Email > Message.
  3. 3. Go to the Include group segment, press the tab “Signature” and choose “Signatures”.
  4. 4. Select the Outlook account meant to be associated with the newly made signature within the section of Choose Default Signature.
  5. 5. Hit on the button “New” and create a name for your new signature at the Select Signature to Edit section.
  6. 6. Past your new signature generated by CocoSign and click “OK”. In this way, the new email signature is successfully added to your Outlook account.

How to append the new email signature to Yahoo Mail?

  1. 1. Copy the email signature generated in CocoSign.
  2. 2. After logging into Yahoo Mail account, hit the tab Settings > More Settings > Writing email.
  3. 3. Name the Signature.
  4. 4. Associate one Yahoo Mail account with your email signature.
  5. 5. Paste the CocoSign-made email signature and save the changes.

How to append the new email signature to Apple Mail?

  1. 1. Copy the CocoSign-created email signature.
  2. 2. After logging into your Apple Mail account, hit the button Mail > Preferences > Signatures.
  3. 3. Press the tab + in the Signatures section and paste your CocoSign new email signature in the text box. You may tick or untick the box saying “always match my default message font” in accordance with your personal preferences.
  4. 4. Save changes.