eSignature Solutions for High Tech Industry

The pace of the high-tech teams today is agile. Beginning with a plan to get the project started — everything happens at lightning speeds. eSignatures help the high tech team keep up with what's happening without missing a beat.

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Learn How CocoSign Improves Document Workflow for Human Resources

Absolute Security

CocoSign eSignature combined with digital protection gives your documents full confidentiality. Your documents are secured using standard encryption techniques. The authenticity of the documents received can be easily verified.

Accepted Globally

eSignatures are accepted globally as safe, secure, and enforceable. The digital identity is unique to the signer. The CocoSign eSignature meets all eSignature requirements set by the industry standards.

Improve Staff Productivity

Your team will not spend time and effort on the auxiliary process of document tracking, printing, signing, and scanning. Nothing has to be delayed in the pursuit of one signature!

Reduce the Risk of Missing Data

The risk of missing data is minimized, as each record is stored online at a centralized location secured by authorized access. Document history and older versions may be accessed on request.


Sign Multiple Documents Instantly

Sign multiple documents instantly! Besides, you can add multiple signers to a document and obtain due approval eliminating the trouble of submitting the same document separately to each member.

Remote Working

eSignatures assist in remote work. You can send off the offers, contracts, and NDAs to your remote team workers. They can promptly respond by adding eSignatures and keep the process going.

Use Cases

High Tech Industry embraces eSignatures in the following scenarios:

  • Project Proposals
  • Project Approval Forms
  • Statement of Work Documents
  • Change Request Forms
  • Non Disclosure Agreements
  • Timesheets
  • Leave Applications
  • Training Requests
  • Sales/Vendor Contracts
  • Online job Applications
  • Offer Letters
  • Employee Onboarding Forms

Give your paperwork a high-tech makeover

Send out profesisonal demand letters

Create the perfect demand letter with the help of a template. Edit, sign, and send it online in minutes.

Check demand letter templates here

Fill out POA paperwork

Find and fill in the right power of attorney form for you state. Edit, authorize, and share it from your CocoSign account.

Check power of attorney form templates here

Create legally valid purchase agreements quickly

Make a legally-valid purchase agreement with anyone online. Choose from a variety of professional templates.

Check purchase agreement templates here

High Tech Industry FAQs

How can CocoSign benefit my tech business?

CocoSign is a powerful e-signature solution that offers a variety of document management, sharing, and creation tools. You can send out documents to your customers or clients and get your paperwork done faster digitally, without any of the usual hassle. CocoSign is user-friendly, offers regulatory compliance, and can support small business as well as enterprise workloads.

Can I send out documents using CocoSign?

You can send out documents through CocoSign for your clients, customers, and employess to sign, yes. You can track the status of the document from your dashboard. If it hasn't been signed, you can request a signature by sending the recipient an email reminder.

What kind of documents will CocoSign support?

CocoSign allows you to sign and manage any popular digital document formats, from PDF to Doc.You can sign, manage, send, and receive forms, contracts, waivers, and other business or personal documents on the platform.

Can CocoSign help me prove the legal validity of my tech documents?

CocoSign offers features like audit trail protection. Further, if your document was timestamped and digitally signed on CocoSign, then it will enjoy legal validity in 60+ countries.

How does CocoSign work?

CocoSign is a e-signature solution that allows you to sign digital documents. Further, it allows you to store documents, manage them, and send them out, among other things. You simply upload a documen to CocoSign and sign it with the help of online tools.

What's the difference between a digital signature and an electronic signature?

An electronic signature is a digital mark of approval on an electronic document. A digital signature is an advanced, more secure form of electronic signature with a "fingerprint" record of the document it's bound to.

Can CocoSign protect my sensitive documents?

All documents stored on CocoSign are protected through encryption and other security standards. Further, the auto-expiration feature ensures documents will self-delete after they've been on the server for a certain length of time.

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