CocoSign Trust Center

CocoSign values the privacy and security of our customer’s data above everything else.


CocoSign services are developed by the best security professionals. They make sure that the customer’s data is protected at all times. CocoSign has invested in information security that routinely checks for security risks that can lead to data breaches. Customers are offered tools that provide them control over their data and see how their data is being protected.

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Compliance with regulations and standards is a big part of the culture at CocoSign Trust Center. They comply with all relevant industry standards like SOC 2 and eIDAS. Every year, third-party auditors independently test the controls to check for any non-compliance and offer their insights for improvements. Customers can get these audit reports upon request.

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CocoSign knows the importance of privacy of data. They do everything to preserve the privacy of the customer’s data. Their privacy policy details how the client’s data is handled and protected. Every year, third-party auditors independently test the Trust Center’s controls related to privacy of data and offer their suggestions. Customers can get these audit reports upon request.

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Terms of Service

By using our Services or Software, you agree to these terms including the binding arbitration provision, waiver of jury trials and className actions. These terms are applicable to use or access of CocoSign services. CocoSign may revise its “Terms of Service” from time to time without any direct notification and users agree to abide by any such changes.

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eIDAS is an EU regulation that came into effect on the 1st of July, 2016. It deals with electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internet market. This regulation offers a legal framework for public authorities, citizens, and businesses to perform digital transactions and access all kinds of digital services safely in any EU member state.

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