How CocoSign Works

CocoSign has made it easy for individuals to securely fill, sign, track, manage files and request signatures in seconds from any mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Before the document is sent out

Upload multiple documents

Upload one or more documents simultaneously, instead of sending requests separately.

Bulk send

Send one or several documents to a large batch of signers (up to 100) in one go.

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Save the document, together with its signing roles and fillable fields, as a template for future use.

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Template signing link

Share the signing link of the template to a group chat platform or website to collect signatures with nearly zero effort.

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Signing workflow

Customize a signing order for your signers to have them sign in succession.

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Stay in control of the logo, color, url, and the email template of the signing invites.

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In-person signing

Enable your signers to sign on your device directly when you’re together. Convenient and quick!

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Authentication code

Once enabled, a verification code will be required to access the document you sent, authenticating signers identity and further ensuring data integrity.


Append your e-signatures prior to sending out the documents for collecting signatures.

Fill out files

In addition to e-signatures or initials, you can also add additional information like company, job title, address, etc.

Auto reminders

CocoSign auto-sends reminders to those who haven ’t signed the file at pre-set intervals.

Set Signing deadline

Specify an expiry date to hint that the file is only accessible for a limited time, a ticking clock urging your clients to sign quickly.

Work as a team

Add new team members to grant them instant access to your CocoSign account.

When the document is awaiting a signature

Onboarding guidelines

Your clients will be guided step-by-step as to where and how to sign, with the least amount of interaction with the document.

Manual reminders

Send reminders manually when signers still haven't signed after three automatic reminders.

On-time tracking

Notifications of who and when views or signs your document are up to minute.

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Document signing link

A signee cannot receive the email request? Plan B! Share a private signing link of the document with him/her to sign with a click.

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Void the document

Void the document in progress to cancel the envelope. Signers involved will receive an email containing your reason to void it.

After the document is signed

Final PDF copies

Your clients will be guided step-by-step as to where and how to sign, with the least amount of interaction with the document.

Audit trail and history

Get a detailed history recording all signing activities of a document along with a timestamp, which can serve as admissible evidence in court.

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Redirect after signing

Redirect your signees to any page after signing like a payment page or thank you page.

Auto archivingg

CocoSign archives and categorizes files entailing your or others’ signatures, whether drafted, completed, or expiring soon respectively.

Sort your files

Create new folders or subfolders as needed. Tidy up your files for easier and quicker access.

Find a file quickly

Locate a file by typing its name/keywords into a search box or by scanning an alphabetical list after sorting the files by Name. Sort by Last Change to find those recently viewed or signed by any signers.

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