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What's A Web Design Contract?

A web design contract is a legally binding design agreement signed in written form between a client and a web designer, outlining service scope, payment terms, pricing,schedule of deliverables, intellectual property rights, etc.

A web design contract, like a graphic design contract or an interior design contract, has to be signed by both parties to be considered as legally binding.

What to Include in Your Web Design Contract?

The essentials of a web design contract usually include:

Scope of Work:

A proper web design contract shall clearly define the work scope as well as rounds of revisions needed to avoid confusion.

Web designers are allowed to charge extra for additional inclusions from the client.

Payment of the Work:

The web design contract should state clearly the payment for the developer as well as the adopted payment system. Approaches for tracking working hours shall be included if it’s pay by hour.

In case the work is being done in milestones, the contract shall state the payment for each milestone.

Timeline of Deliverables:

The web design contract should state when the work is going to be completed to manage client expectations. In case the work is in milestones, the contract should detail the timeline of each milestone. The contract may also specify penalties if applicable in the event of poor quality or late work.

Review and Revisions Process:

To reduce complaints about late work review on the client’s side or late revision on the designer’s side, the web design contract may state the estimated period for the client to review the work and explain the revision processes as well the time required to make revisions.

Ownership of Work:

The web design contract shall clearly stipulate who owns the product once it is finally created (usually the client). The contract may also state that the developer cannot claim any part of the work later.

Some web design contracts may allow the developer to put the web template in their portfolio, if agreed upon by both parties.

Dispute Resolution:

A web design contract shall detail approaches both parties may adopt for disagreement handling if any.

Why Do You Need A Web Design Contract?

If you are a web designer:

By stating the work scope clearly, a web design contract ensures the designer can demand extra payment for any new assignments from the client out of the work scope.

With a web design contract, a web designer shall not be liable to prosecution if the client demands illegal inclusions (such as copyright infringed images) in the product.

If you are a client:

By laying out expectations as well as project timeline, a web design contract assures the client when the promised work will be completed.

Under a web design contract, a client is not obliged to pay the entire fee as advances for the work dones since the contract shall stipulate clearly the payment schedule. The client may make payments with each milestone as the work proceeds.

In most cases, a web design contract grants the client the ownership of the final product once the final payment is made. The web designer shall not retain any ownership of the website unless otherwise agreed.

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How to Make a Web Design Contract?

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