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Create Your Free Electronic Signature

Follow these steps to generate a free, professional, and nice-looking esignature.

  1. Go to our Signature Generator page.
  2. Select your preferred method to customize a downloadable electronic signature.

    Drawing: Draw your signature using your mouse, touchpad, Apple Pencil, or other e-devices. Choose a desired color for the signature.

    Typing: Input your name, choose from up to 28 popular fonts, adjust the font size, text color, background color, slope and slant to your liking.

  3. Hit Save.

How to eSign PDF Documents for Free

Follow the instructions below to sign your documents online for free.

Fully meet regulatory compliance & standards
Time-stamped audit trail
Strong signer authentication
Strong signer authentication
Strong signer authentication
Strong signer authentication

2. Drag and drop a document to the dropzone or upload it from your device. Supported files: PDF, PNG, JPG, DOC, XLS.

3. To add your signature, drag and drop the Signature field to where you want the signature to be, and then append your signature by typing, drawing, or uploading. Tap it again to adjust its size or position.

4. Use other fields like Company, Address, and Job Title to fill additional information.(Optional)

5. Hit Complete and choose Download to have a PDF copy of the signed document.

6. Click Email to send a non-editable PDF copy for others to view via email.

CocoSign the free and wise choice

CocoSign is one of the best ways to electronically sign agreements, contracts, and reports. CocoSign makes e-signing quick, safe, and easy, doing away with your manual, paper-based signature workflows. Transition to CocoSign, freeing yourself from the mundane signing tasks and holding onto what matters more.

100% Free Online Signing Platform

The tools provided by CocoSign are completely free, requiring no credit cards for signing up, no setup fees or hidden costs.

Free Online Signature Maker

Create, customize and download as many signatures as you need.The entire process is totally free and simple.

Sign PDF Online For Free

You’re enabled to sign unlimited PDFs in seconds and download 3 signed files per month for free, with no strings attached.

Create Fillable PDF Forms For Free

Add additional information onto your PDF file electronically, including address, company, job title and so on. Kiss goodbye to printing, scanning, mailing or appearing in person to fill out the documents.

Save unnecessary costs

Make the best use of CocoSign’s free e-signature tools. No more spending a dime on paper, toners, ink, and courier delivery. Less time spent in signing physically means increased efficiency, a blessing for your business ultimately.

Supreme Security System

CocoSign can defend your document against any potential security risks, made possible by its cutting-edge security technologies AES 256-bit encryption, TLS 1.3, and Two-Factor Authentication. Many other such measures ensure the integrity and authenticity of your electronic signatures and documents.

Federal Rules for Document's eSignature

The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESign Act) passed in 2000 by the U.S. Congress guarantees the legal effect, validity, and enforceability of electronic signatures. Since then, the electronic signature, which holds the same legal weight as its paper-based counterpart, a wet signature, has been widely accepted and applied in various industries, mainly in education, high tech, and healthcare sectors.

In addition to America, nowadays, quite a lot of countries have also established their own regulations and rules with regards to e-signatures.

Free Electronic Signature FAQs

Is CocoSign truly free?

Yes.Sign up for free, sign documents for free and download for free. The signature generator of CocoSign allows you to create and download unlimited electronic signatures with zero cost. Its free plan enables you to sign as many documents as you want and download 3 signed files every month for free.

Can I sign any kind of document with the free electronic signature I create from this site?

Yes. The electronic signature created from this site is legal and secure, which can be added to any kind of documents like agency agreements, bill of sale, business contracts, rental and lease agreements and more.

Do you keep a record of my e-signature on your system?

No! Out of security and privacy concerns, your signature and the document you signed will never be saved on our server and system. We won’t keep a record of them and nobody except you will have access to them.

Is the e-signature created by CocoSign safe?

Beyond a doubt, the eSignature created by CocoSign is 100% safe. CocoSign’s system won’t store your e-signature. As long as you have it downloaded, you can insert it into any documents as needed. But you have to keep in mind that your e-signature, if embedded into platforms lacking security measures, is likely to be copied or stolen by unintended parties. Instead, when you use CocoSign to add your online signature, it safeguards your signature and document with military-grade encryption technologies and 2FA authentication, blocking unintended parties from accessing your files.

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