Entertainment houses, venue owners, producers, promoters, performers and DJ use entertainment contract templates to carefully draft their terms of service or payments for an artist’s performance.

What is An Entertainment Contract?

An entertainment contract is a legally binding contract between a performer/ promoter and producer/ entertainment house regarding the entertainment product/ performance or services being provided. Having written entertainment contracts helps avoid conflicting situations and payment delays and ensures your performance rights or ownership rights are protected.

It is important to put the terms of the agreement in writing in order to avoid disagreements that may later turn into overbearing legal disputes.

What To Include In An Entertainment Contract?

  • Rights to own an artist’s talent for a limited period of time and timely repatriation of his or her work, videos, audio clips, photos etc. from the owner for a mutually agreed payment.
  • Exclusivity clause for work that limits rights of an owner regarding the usage of an artist’s work only for specific purposes as agreed by the artists. This clause should be carefully read and understood before signing the contract.
  • A contract termination clause that defines the possibilities in which the contract can be terminated in part or full and the dues cleared or cancelled as per the situation. This clause allows for smooth cancellation of a contract without a legal tussle among the parties.
  • Transfer of ownership or rights clause for an artist’s work should be written with clearly defined guidelines and rules so that the artist gets a fair price for usage of his/her work and producers are absolved for any claims at a later stage.
  • Completion clause that clearly specifies the conditions in which a contract would be accepted as complete by both (or either) parties to their satisfaction.

Why Is An Entertainment Contract Important ?

As with any performance contract, the entertainment contract is very important for both performers or buyers/ producers/ entertainment houses. As both the parties are interested in a professional working environment and smooth execution of the contract without conflicts, a carefully drafted entertainment contract ensures a healthy work environment.

Types of Entertainment Contracts?

  • Personal service contracts:

    A performer ties up with a producer or entertainment house to provide a platform to them to showcase his/her talent, promote and distribute to other channels. It is important to do so through a type of formal entertainment contract called the personal service contract.

  • Options contract:

    Types of contract that allow a performer and entertainment house or producer to tie-up for more than one service, medium of distribution, shows or audience types. Be sure to draft the contract properly to protect your interests against adverse circumstances.

  • Ownership rights contract:

    This is in addition to personal service contract and allows ownership of a performance and income earned due to it. The contract clause also limits the ownership rights only for the channels, mediums specified and for a limited duration.

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