Whether you are a client looking for portrait photography services, or a photographer offering portariting photography, a professional and formal portrait photography contract template can always be utilized to help manage your expectations and payments, as well as protect your rights and interests.

What is A Portrait Photography contract?

A portrait photography contract is a formal photography agreement between a client and the photographer regarding portrait photography shooting. Each party agrees to the conditions in the photography contract and signs it to make it legally enforceable.

What Are The Essentials of a Portrait Photography Contract?

  • Identification of both parties: names, signatures as well as contact information of both parties should be clearly stated. Furthermore, both the parties agree to terms of working, equipment, subject, miscellaneous support services, props etc. on a particular client engagement mutually.
  • For the photography services to be provided, the portrait photography contract specifies the payment terms, total due, payment schedule, deposits to be made for appearances and advances if any.
  • Cancellation terms of this contract: including written confirmation of cancellation of the service by either party in part or full and payment exchanges to be stopped or refunded as per the contract’s payment clause.
  • Provision of rescheduling details: date, time, venue of the photoshoot due to unavailability, rain, or weather or natural causes, sickness, lack of attire and so on and absolving either party to be held liable for the delay or cancellation arising due to rescheduling request.
  • Refund clause if the photographer would be unable to provide the goods and services outlined in this contract for any reason or client is unable to provide payments, place, subject of the shoot. This refund clause also applies to any loss or damage of negatives, photographs or other materials after the photoshoot is over.
    • Ownership rights:

      Ownership rights of the image and footage archive will remain with the client and the photographer will not use, print, reprint the images and footage without express written consent of the client.

Why is a Portrait Photography Contract Needed?

If you're a photographer providing portrait photography services for your clients, chances are your clients may be used to verbal confirmation but timely payment is always a question mark.

And also, if you are a client, you may need to make sure the employed photographer submit deliverables as good as promised. This explains the need to lay out your expectations clearly in writing.

That’s why, whether you are a photographer or a client, getting your services requested formally and properly through a portrait photography contract template is a must.

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