Worn out by weather, usage, time, rust, or termites, our offices, shops, and homes sometimes may need some care. In such cases, it may be necessary to ask for some professional help for the fix-it projects at our workplace or houses as not all of them are safe to perform, no matter how much of a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) person you are!

This is where a handyman comes to the rescue. A handyman is a multi-skilled person providing construction, repair and maintenance services on the interior and/or exterior of a building.

It is usually recommended to have a handyman contract signed before we avail ourselves of the much-needed services of a handyman. CocoSign has a massive collection of service contract templates ready, including handyman, hvac contract templates crafted by our highly skilled lawyers.The same applies if you are a handyman out searching for jobs.

It might not be obvious why one such document is necessary, and you may not even know what precisely a handyman contract is. Read the article to find out.

What Is a Handyman Contract?

A handyman contract is a type of service agreement that details the responsibilities and liabilities of the client and the handyman. It is a binding legal document that explains the services the handyman agrees to provide for the client in exchange for the monetary compensation.

It is also known by other terms such as handyman services agreement and even handyman contract agreement. It is extensively in practice by both homeowners and business owners.

What Is Included in a Handyman Contract?

A handyman services agreement contains necessary information such as the name and address of the client and the contracting handyman.

The work scope is explained in detail. This means the handyman contract defines not only the services the handyman will provide but also the ones it is not responsible for providing.

The client's responsibilities, such as obtaining the permits or approvals in adherence to local laws, are listed, as well as the minimum liability insurance for the handyman in case of loss or injury.

Also mentioned is the commencement date of the agreement, its duration, and the steps for its dissolutions. Most importantly, a handyman contract specifies the pricing of the services and the payment plan.

Why Is a Handyman Contract Important?

It is beneficial for both parties involved to have a handyman service agreement signed. It avoids future legal trouble either of them might get into concerning licenses, permits, approvals, and insurance. Misunderstanding or miscommunication is out of the picture as the agreement is well-structured and detailed.

A handyman contract ensures that services are in adherence to predetermined standards and expectations. The handyman swears to do his/her best by signing this document. The handyman's safety and payment are ensured, and so is legal security. This means, in case of a contractual violation, either party is entitled to approach a court.

When Is a Handyman Contract Used?

A contract for handyman services comes into picture when a home or business owner is spending his/her money on the repair or construction of something important in the building. It facilitates record maintenance for various personal and legal purposes.

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