Proof of residency letter can be required in a variety of cases where a person’s residence needs to be verified. Therefore, people often wonder how to create a proof of residency letter. You can learn all about proof of residency in this article.

Creating a proof of residency letter is easy, you just need to download the proof of residency letter template that you can find here at CocoSign. In order to know more about proof of residency letters, keep reading below:

What is a Proof of Residency?

Proof of residency is also called ‘affidavit of residence’. It is a statement by an individual that they reside at the particular residence they have specified officially.

The most common uses of proof of residency letters are found in certificates needed by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). For example, if you are getting a new driver’s license or putting an application for parking on the street, the affidavit of residence will be needed.

In general, the proof of residency letter is written by a person’s employer or their landlord.

How to Prove Residency?

In order to prove residency, a person needs additional documents and (optionally) third party testimonies. The requirements to prove residency also depend on the type of proof needed, like the current address proof for DMV requirements. Here are the steps to prove residency:

Step 1: Creating a Proof of Residency Letter

First thing first, a person needs to create a proof of residency letter which is a testimonial that an individual lives at a particular address as mentioned.

The letter can be downloaded for free at CocoSign. After that, it is optional to get the letter notarized to make the letter completely authorised.

Step 2: Providing Evidence Documents

In order to further verify the affidavit of residence, the individual must submit the residential evidence documents that have the address printed on them. The list of the accepted documents is mentioned in the next part.

In general, any two of these documents are needed for the evidence purpose.

Step 3: Submitting the Letter with Documents

Lastly, the letter along with the documents is submitted to the organisation to which the individual is applying.

What Documents Can I Use As Proof of Residency?

In order to prove someone’s address, a person will need to use any two of the following documents:

  • Bank Statement
  • Cell Phone Bill
  • Drivers License
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Residential Lease Agreement
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Paycheck / Paystub
  • Real Estate Deed
  • Tax Return (IRS or State)
  • Utility Bill (electricity, cable/internet, cell phone, etc.)
  • Voter Registration Card
  • Vehicle Title / Registration

When a Proof of Residency Letter is Needed?

Proof of residency letter might be needed in the following cases:

DMV Documents: In order to apply for the driving license in any state, the person will need to provide the proof of residency letter to the DMV.

Employment: There are many employers that seek a proof of residency letter in order to verify the applicant’s contact information. This is especially true for companies where a secure hiring process is followed.

Tax Purpose: At times, individuals may need to provide proof of residency for filling out various state and federal tax-related documents.

School: Schools demand the proof of residency for a child during the admission process, in order to make sure that the child is living at the location stated by the parents.


Proof of residency is a quite popular document and, at the same time, very easy to write. All you require is the proof of residency template which CocoSign offers for free downloading.

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Proof of Residency FAQs

Who signs the proof of residency for a child?

A proof of residency letter of a child can be signed by the child’s parents, consenting that the child lives at their house.

Do I need to get the proof of residency signed by a notary?

While notarizing proof of residency is not compulsory, it is generally recommended to do so.

Who can demand proof of residency?

Proof of residency can be demanded by any government or private organisation where the need to verify someone’s address is important.

When do I need to submit the evidence documents for the proof of residency?

The proof of residency requires evidence documents, which should be submitted at the same time while submitting the proof of residency.

Do I need witnesses while signing the proof of residency?

Proof of residency is an affidavit in itself, which makes it important to sign it in front of witnesses and include the witness signatures on it as well.

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