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Part 1: What Is A Wedding Photography Contract?

A wedding photography contract is a legally binding, written agreement used between the wedding photographer and the client employing the photographer’s services. The wedding photography contract lays out payment terms, work scope, work schedule, obligations, responsibilities, and more between both parties involved. Both parties may refer to this document in the event of disputes or conflicts.

Part 2: Why Is A Wedding Photography Contract Important?

A wedding photography contract proves beneficial both for the photographer and the client, in the way it defines the obligation of the photographer towards the client and of the client towards the photographer.

The client, usually a married couple, may state their expectations clearly for the wedding photography in the contract, and demand compensation from the other party in case of poor deliverables or late work.

The wedding photography contract also work in favor of the photographer by specifying the work scope as well as work schedule. In such cases, the photographer is entitled to demand extra payment for any work out of the scope listed in the contract.

Under a wedding photography contract, the client can have a clear idea about what they can or cannot expect from the photographer.

The photographer will also know when the payment for his or her work is expected as well as any advance payments that are to be made.

Part 3: What Should be Included in a Wedding Photography Contract?

There can hardly be an uniform photography contract in the world, yet many wedding contracts, more or less, contain similar terms such as:

Information of Both Parties:

A wedding photography contract should include the names and contact information of the bride and the groom, as well as the photographer.

Details of Service:

This section shall detail the services the photographer is expected to provide, such as photography, videography, etc.

Number of Photographers:

The wedding photography contract should state the number of photographers, any assistants to the photographers, along with their names. This indicates which person would be responsible for doing the photography.


The contract may also include what is being photographed, such as the ceremony, bridal party celebrations, after-party family pictures, reception, cocktail hour, etc.

Number of Pictures:

The contract shall state the number of pictures that the bride and groom want their photographer to take. A minimum and maximum limit may be set on the pictures to avoid any confusion or conflict.

Booking Fee:

If there is any advanced deposit paid to the photographer, it should also be mentioned in the contract.

Travel Expenses:

In case the photographer is situated more than 100 miles from the venue, the contract should mention the travel and motel expenses.

Meal Clause:

The meal clause may state if photographer will be provided food, drinks and refreshments or not.

Payments and Payment Schedule:

The contract should specify the payment amount that is due towards the photographer, along with the price breakup. Timeline of the payments should be included as well.

If the bride and the groom demand printed photo albums, the wedding photography contract should state the price of the album and any other additional costs, such as the price for any extra pictures.

Timeline of Work:

It is important to mention a clear timeline of when the pictures will be ready to view in soft copies and when the hard copies will be ready.

Details of Venue:

The contract needs to lay out the date, time as well as the location for the ceremony. The contract shall also include the details of each venue if there are multiple ones.

Limitation of Liability:

The limitation of liability clause states that the liabilities are only limited to the cost of the contract. This ensures that the photographers do not have to pay for consequential or additional damages.

Ownership of Work:

Ownership of work should be mentioned in the wedding photography contract. This means that the photographer should define if they are granting their clients the right to keep the work as well as its print access, or if they enjoy any of these rights to retain ownership for the photography.

This clause also states that the photographer has the final rights to the work and the pictures cannot be used for commercial purposes without the written consent of the photographer.

Model Release Information:

If the photographer wishes to use these photographs in their portfolio, he or she is required to obtain the model release information in the wedding contract.

Cancellation Policy:

The cancellation policy shall mention the case when either party cancels on the photography service appointment. Generally, if the client cancels, they lose the security deposit that they have paid.


The wedding photography contract shall include the signature of the photographer and the bride and groom.

Additionally, other clauses may be added optionally to protect the rights of the photographer and the client. This includes clauses like guests not allowed to click pictures during the ceremony to make sure it does not interfere with the photographer’s work.

The guests also need to cooperate with the photographer during the wedding. At times, there are rules at the venue that prohibit photography. These details should be discussed between the photographer and the client beforehand, and any necessary clause regarding these should be added as wel.

Some photographers also like to add that the pictures, if shared online, should bear the photographer’s watermark on them.

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Part 4: How Can I Make a Wedding Photography Contract?

A wedding photography contract is created to provide a legal reference to any potential disputes regarding the service scope, payment terms and more. Therefore, a proper contract should be well written as well as contain essential components to make it legally binding.

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