Save Time And Costs

CocoSign’s eSignature facility makes signing and requesting signatures just a click or two away. This saves the cost of setting up physical meetings, both in terms of time as well as money spent in scheduling and attending.

Generate Better Revenue

By streamlining the signature process and eliminating the waiting times that can be a bottleneck, businesses can focus their resources on priority tasks. This, in turn, leads to increased revenue.

Better Customer Experience

By adopting a futuristic signature platform, the customers of business see it in an improved light. Additionally, businesses can make faster decisions on processes at each level, which leads to seamless and better customer experience.

Offers High Security

CocoSign’s eSignature platform is encrypted with the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, the same standard that the most secure websites like PayPal employ. This makes CocoSign resilient to any cyber-attacks.

Streamlined Internal & External Workflow

With CocoSign, businesses can manage their internet and external affairs from a single place. CocoSign offers document storage and document verification facilities that businesses can use for their employees, suppliers, vendors, and customers together.

Legal Acceptance Globally

eSignatures are globally accepted and treated similarly by law as wet signatures. Therefore, users can implement eSignatures without any doubts about their legal validity no matter where they are situated.

Get Your Work Done Efficiently With CocoSign!

  • Sign documents and request signatures from any internet-accessible device, be it computer, phone, or tablet.
  • CocoSign eliminates the need to set up physical meetings or post documents through mail.
  • Electronically signed documents can be sent via email, there are no waiting periods involved.
  • CocoSign allows sharing documents and requesting signatures from multiple parties at once.
  • Features like folder encryption and two-factor authentication add extra layer of protection to the documents.
  • CocoSign’s cloud links allow for easier document sharing as well as payment collection.
  • Besides eSignatures, CocoSign also offers wet signatures and digital signatures to support any situation.
  • Company logos can be added and merged with the documents seamlessly through CocoSign.
  • CocoSign provides multiple signature presets and the ability to add date and time to the signatures.
  • There are multiple ways to create personalized electronic document signatures with CocoSign.
  • Fill forms and checkboxes with CocoSign’s advanced data filling features such as textboxes.
  • Users can add fillable fields to any of the company document in order to collect data easily.

Easier, Quicker, Safer eSignature Solution for SMBs and Professionals

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