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How to Sign Documents Online

1. Drag & Drop Documents

To get started, you need to drag the pdf file and drop in the highlighted area. You can also upload the pdf file by clicking on the select file link.

2. Sign Documents

After uploading the document, click on the document to open a dialog box where you can sign online. You can also sign elsewhere and upload the signature to the document.

3. Download Documents

After appending your signature, click “Done” to save changes and click the download link. You will have the file on your device in no time.

Learn about How CocoSign Delivers You the Best Signature Experience

Easy to Use

It is easy to use CocoSign to sign documents online. All you need do is draw your signature within the signature editor or upload an already scanned image of the signature. You can also share the document’s link to the other party to sign as well.

Multiple Users Support

If you need many individuals to sign their individual waivers or a petition, CocoSign is the way to go. The platform’s bulk online document signer allows large numbers of people to register their individual signatures at once.

Premium Security Measures

A 256-bit SSL-encryption makes the connection and all file transfers or downloads very secure. Also, all electronic signatures drawn on CocoSign platform are secure and verifiable by several authentication methods.

Compatible with All Operating Systems

You can electronically sign documents on any device irrespective of whether it runs iOS, Windows or Linux. There is no prejudice against any device or operating system as all you need is a good internet connection and a web browser.

Cloud Storage Access

Since the online document signing software is cloud-based, all documents are stored in the cloud through storage services like DropBox and GoogleDrive. This is a more efficient form of storing documents as opposed to shelving.

Lower Operation Cost

Do you know that you get all of this convenience, speed and efficiency for free when using CocoSign? You can sign hundreds of documents using the platform at zero cost.

Why Should You Sign Documents Online?

There are several reasons why you might want to try out online document signing such as contract, agreement and so on. First things first, it is very convenient. You do not need to transport any document via postal or courier service. You can sign any document from the comfort of your home. Let us take a look at some of the reasons why you might want to try online signatures.


Rather than splurge cash on sending your signed documents by postal or courier service, you can sign documents online free using the platform.


Electronic signatures have a lot of perks. But none comes close to having a time stamp. With this time stamp, you can identify what time or date the document was signed. This contributes to its authenticity.


It is a safe and secure means of sending private and official documents. Rather than mail your private company’s data by insecure postal and courier options and risk alteration of the documents, you can sign documents online using CocoSign.

Legal Validity

It is identified as an approval in every sense as a wet ink signature is. If this is the case, why opt for the traditional and complicated means of signing documents using wet ink.

Key Considerations in Signing Documents Online

Electronic/digital signatures are as convenient as convenient gets. Hence, there is a possibility you are thinking signing documents online automatically sifts the pain out of the signing process. True, but only to an extent. There are still a lot of considerations to make before moving on to sign documents online.

Confirm understanding of the document you are signing

This is rather basic. It is important you understand the document put before you in its entirety before appending your signature. Truth be told, signing a document online feels a little less formal than doing so on paper.

Consequently, there is a tendency not to take it that seriously. However, since the signature will be as legally binding as a wet-ink signature, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with the document’s content first.

Record retention

Most digital signing platforms allow you to send the signed document to as many recipients as possible, an important perk of using them. However, a bigger advantage will be if the platform you choose has some forms of record retention. Does the platform deliver a signed copy to your inbox for safekeeping? Or do you need to make provisions for that yourself? Whatever the case may be, it is important you have a copy of the signed documents.

Sign Documents Online FAQs

What types of documents are supported?

There is no limit to the types of documents you can sign online. From pdf to excel, text file and word document, you can sign any document online.

Which people use eSignatures?

Paper-heavy industries like insurances and sales already use online signing technology. There are also other users like large, multinational companies, business departments and professional individuals. The ease of use of platforms like CocoSign has made online signing appealing to all and sundry.

Are electronic signatures legal?

You are not alone if you are second-guessing the legal status of electronic signatures. This is because some people have raised a few eyebrows too. However, you and these few others are in the minority. Electronic signatures are recognized as legal in most countries across the world including the US, Canada, Australia and NewZealand, among others.

What are electronic signatures used for?

Essentially, they are used for most kinds of document formats as highlighted earlier on. These documents can be for business and personal use. Some of them include forms as well as general contracts and agreements. We are talking about every form of document you would usually sign with wet ink.

Can I store a signature and use it some other time for another document?

Yes, you can. However, you might be exposing yourself to certain risks. You never can tell who may obtain access to your computer. A total stranger who accesses your computer can copy and paste your signature, using it to approve several documents without your go-ahead.

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