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How to Sign Documents Online

Fully meet regulatory compliance & standards
Time-stamped audit trail
Strong signer authentication
Strong signer authentication
Strong signer authentication
Strong signer authentication

Option 1: Sign Yourself

1. Click Only Me.

2. Choose one or more documents from your device, or upload from cloud storage services including Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

Note: Apart from PDF, CocoSign also supports other types of files, PNG, JPG, DOC, and XLS.

3. Drag and drop the Signature or Initials field from the right toolbar to where you want to sign. (Add Date/Time, Email, Company, or Text to fill additional information, if needed.)

4. Tap the field to append your signature or initial by typing, drawing or insert an image of your signature.

5. Click Complete and download a copy of what you just signed.

6. Hit Email to share a non-editable copy to others, if needed.

Option 2: Send for signatures (Yourself & others)

1. Select Request Signatures.

2. Upload one or more documents from your device.

3. Add new signers by name and email addresses. Customize a signing order, if necessary.

Note: If you’re one of the signers, you can decide when to sign, either before sending the document or after.

  • To sign in advance, you don’t need to include yourself as a recipient now.
  • To be emailed to sign just like other recipients, then enter your details.

4. Assign a Signature or Initials field to each signer.

  • To sign yourself first, select Me(Prefill) in the recipient list, drag and drop the field to the file, and then append your signature.
  • To sign afterwards, select your email you input in the last step.

5. Enable advanced features (optional), like branding, expiry date, and automatic reminders. Hit Send.

6. All recipients can sign by clicking the fields assigned to them.

Fully meet regulatory compliance & standards
Time-stamped audit trail
Strong signer authentication
Strong signer authentication
Strong signer authentication
Strong signer authentication

eSign PDF with ease

Sign PDF online yourself

You can directly sign your documents with all types of web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and others, straight from your computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Invite others to sign

Add signers, specify where you want them to sign, and then share the files for e-signing. You can also track their responses in real-time.

Create a PDF signature or initial

With our free eSign PDF tool, you’re enabled to create your digital signature conveniently in three ways:

Type: Type your name or initial and choose from an array of signature styles.

Draw: Draw a signature with your mouse, trackpad, Apple pencil or finger.

Upload: Select an image of your signature from your device.

Share or download your signed PDF

After you sign the PDF document, you can share it with others directly, let’s say the signature requesters, and at the same time, have a copy yourself by downloading it onto your device.

CocoSign isn’t just about e-signing

Using CocoSign is a walk in the park. It boasts myriads of cutting-edge features to accelerate your overall signature request process.

Before the document is sent out

Still hand-delivering or mailing documents to signers separately? Endeavoring to gather parties to sign in physical presence together? Time to let CocoSign refresh such a time-consuming workflow.

  • Upload more documents. CocoSign allows you to sign multiple PDF documents at once.
  • Bulk Send to more recipients. Add up to 500 signees at a time simply with a recipient import list.
  • Convenient templates. Create templates for commonly used documents, breaking free from repetitive and monotonous document drafting.
  • Template signing link. Convert a template into a signing link and forward it to a chat group, members of which can sign after they input their names and emails themselves.
  • Customizable signing workflow. Have signers sign in order. No more hopping from signers one after another to collect signatures for the same document.
  • Branding. Append your company logo, tailor your brand color, customize the URL to include your company name and make revisions to the email signing invite based on an email template.
  • In-person signing. Sign face-to-face when all signing parties are present. Close the deals on the spot.

When the document is awaiting a signature

Fed up with sitting and waiting for signees to sign physically or texting them at regular intervals to know if they’ve read or signed the file? Embrace CocoSign, and you’ll have a full knowledge of every document’s signing status on the move.

  • Automatic reminders. CocoSign will remind signers to sign the document at set intervals.
  • Manual reminders. Manually send reminders to those who forgot to sign or delayed signing.
  • Expiry date. Give signers a sense of urgency and impel them to sign punctually.
  • Real-time email tracking. keep yourself well-informed via email whenever recipients have signed or declined the document.
  • Document signing link. Generate a signing link for the document to be signed and share it with a signee who can't receive the email request. Upon opening the link, he/she can sign immediately without extra steps needed.

After the document is signed

Traditionally, after you receive the signed documents, you need to label the files, and store them into different filing cabinets separately. With CocoSign’s all-around filing system, you can get rid of these hassles once and for all.

  • Final PDF copies. After your file is signed by all signees, everyone involved will receive a copy of the final PDF automatically. No need to scan and share the documents individually again.
  • Auto-archiving. CocoSign archives your documents into different categories, such as I Need to Sign, Waiting for others, Expiring soon, Complete, and Draft.
  • Sorting files. Create folders as needed and sort your documents to different folders, straightening them out and minimizing the time to find a necessary file.
  • Audit trail and history. CocoSign pinpoints and proves who’ve made the changes to the document and when, providing solid legal support for the signing activity.
  • Redirect after signing. Redirect signees to any page when they finish signing, which can be a thank-you, or payment page.

Don’t you worry about data security

As a HIPAA-compliant eSignature software, CocoSign heavily invests in an all-round security suite to protect your sensitive signing data from any cyber breach, consisting of a robust firewall, AES 256-bit encryption, authentication codes, TLS 1.3 and so on.

Sign Documents Online FAQs

How to Electronically Sign PDF Documents Without Printing?

Besides using the best online signature tool CocoSign to eSign PDF documents, you can also make best use of the built-in app Preview of Mac, or Mail of Apple, both of which provide multiple markup tools enabling you to add electronic signatures directly on the PDFs.

Is it safe to sign a PDF using this tool?

100% safe. CocoSign’s state-of-the-art security system comes into play when you use this tool, immune to any data leakage.

Is a digital signature legal?

Yes. Digital signature is identified as an approval in every sense as a wet ink signature, mainly accepted and recognized in the United States, Australia, Canada. Since the passage of eIDAS, ESIGN Act, and UETA, signatures executed and delivered digitally have been given legal significance and well-respected as ink signatures.

How do I fill out a PDF form?

Upload the PDF form with CocoSign’s eSign tool, add a signature or initial field to insert your signature or initials. Click “Complete” to save changes and click the download link. You will have the file on your device in no time.

What types of documents other than PDF are supported?

Unlike other electronic signing tools solely supporting PDF, CocoSign also allows you to upload PNG, JPG, DOC, or XLS files directly, sparing you the hassles of jumping from a file converter to the eSign tool repeatedly.

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