Suited for your daily business needs

Multiple document format support, cloud integration, advanced security and more.

Higher Productivity and Lower Operation Costs

No more scanners and printers for your confidential paperwork delivery and signing. CocoSign’s esignature services allow you to get documents signed within seconds, enhancing your efficiency like mad. You can rest assured to spend your valuable time somewhere more worthy than signing loads of paper.

Instant Alerts of Your Document Status

Whenever your recipient opens the document or fills a certain field, CocoSign will send you a real-time notification so you will always know what to plan for the next step.

Legal Validity and Maximum Security

With CocoSign, you’ll never have to worry about your signatures being falsified or misused. CocoSign’s signatures are not only legalling binding but are also compliant with multiple industrial security standards, safeguarding your confidential information from leakage and falsification.

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Register a CocoSign account

Simply go to the homepage of CocoSign and register an account with your email or Google account. No credit card is required.

Associate your Word with your CocoSign account

Open a Word document, and install CocoSign add-on into your Word or Excel documents.

Send and Sign

After entering the receivers’ emails, click the button Send to get the document signed.


How do I add the CocoSign add-on to my Word?

Simply choose the G Suite add-on you need and install it onto your device. This way you can sign any documents on G Suite.

How to Sign a document from Word?

First open or create a Word document. After installing CocoSign add-on, Click the CocoSign icon on the right tool bar and log in your CocoSign account. Then you can start signing your Word documents.

Where to find signed Word documents?

CocoSign stores all your signed documents on the cloud. Simply enter your CocoSign account to check any document that has been dealt with and click Download.

Easier, Quicker, Safer eSignature Solution for SMBs and Professionals

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