Consent forms are very important and used commonly. They provide the permission of a party for the go-ahead of any process that involves the above-mentioned party.

In order to use a consent form, you will need to use a consent form template. You can find these downloadable consent form templates here. Keep reading to learn more about consent forms.

What Is a Consent Form?

A consent form is a document that gives permission to an individual or a party to go ahead with a process. These have a wide scope of application, from areas such as medical, education, business, and more.

Consent forms are signed by the person whose permission is needed. For minors, all consent forms are signed by the parents.

What Are the Common Uses of Consent Form?

Consent forms are used in a lot of areas, which include:


Parents often need to provide their consent in the school looking after their child in various matters. Some of these instances include:

  • Taking punitive action against a child according to the school’s punitive code.
  • Giving access to a child to the school's internet connection, which protects the school in case a child accesses any inappropriate content on the internet.
  • Taking the child to field trips and picnics by the school


Businesses use consent forms quite often to prevent them from any risk if their customers face a possible injury through a service. For instance, adventure travel and activities businesses use consent form for activities such as skydiving.


Medical procedures often involve the patient vulnerable to risks and harms. Therefore, healthcare authorities use consent forms so the patients can give their permission that they are okay with the procedures being performed.

This protects the hospitals in case anything goes wrong. In the case of minors, permission is provided by their parents.


The entertainment industry often employs consent forms to give permission to use various types of contents. For example, models and actors use consent forms to give permission to photographers, producers, etc. permission to use their pictures and videos.

How to Give and Accept Consent?

In order to give and accept consent, the following order of steps must be followed:

Step 1: Understanding the Scope of Permission

First things first, the person who is giving the consent should actually understand the permission that is needed. Not every process might require consent, so the parties involved should clearly identify if consent is needed.

Step 2: Using a Consent Form

The next step is to draft a consent form. While consent forms are simple documents, they need to be specific and clear about the process for which the permission is being sought.

In this regard, it is best to use the consent form template that CocoSign provides for free downloading. It can be edited to suit any specific need that you might have.

Step 3: Signing the Form

Once the form has been drafted, the party whose permission is required must read it carefully and sign it. The signing by the party indicates that they have accepted the terms of the consent form and they give their approval for the process.


Consent notes are very important documents that you can need anytime, anywhere. Therefore, it is a good idea to download the consent form templates free from CocoSign, and edit it for any purpose that is required.

CocoSign provides a bunch of other agreement templates as well, created by legal experts in the field. Feel free to browse through CocoSign’s vast library of document templates and download any that you require.

Consent Form FAQs

Do both parties need to sign a consent form?

No. Consent forms require signature only from the party whose permission is being sought. In some cases, the other party may sign the consent form too.

Can a minor sign a consent form?

No. Consent forms for minors require signatures from their parents or their guardian.

Can someone else sign the consent form for an individual?

Individuals need to sign their consent forms themselves unless they are incompetent or minor.

Can someone refuse to sign a consent form?

Yes, a party may refuse to sign a consent form as it is based upon will. However, if someone does not sign a consent form, the process for which the form is required might not be carried out.

Does the consent form need to be notarized?

Usually, there is no requirement of having a consent form notarized.

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