For a business or brand to forge forward, both employers and their employees must maintain a cordial relationship and understanding of the brand's mission, vision and goals. An employee form is one formal tool used to foster this form of relationship.

This form may be used to collect information on new hires, make requests by either party, establish policies for employees to follow, among others. Putting things in perspective, it is used for formal communication between an employer and his or her employees.

1. What Are Employee Forms?

Employee forms are the most commonly used forms by HRs to relate with their employees. It is an encompassing term for all forms used for the recruitment, payment, reimbursement, approval of leaves, performance evaluation and termination of employees.

When issues come up within an organization, it is via these employee forms that workers can communicate their grievances to the management, lay bare what they think needs improvement or provide the company’s admin with contact information of friends and families they should contact in the case of an emergency.

2. When to Use an Employee Form?

An employee form may come in handy when some high-performing employees are to be rewarded with all their hard work. In this form type, the accomplishments of the employee are matched with the brand’s goals. Those who score very high based on this evaluation are then rewarded with a gift after a period, say a month.

In corporate environments where uniforms are a priority, employee forms are used to establish a dress code for the employees. It dictates what kind of dressing is acceptable and which isn’t.

3. Type of Employee Forms

There are different types of employee forms, each used for different purposes. They include:

  • Application forms
  • Emergency action plan
  • Employee dress code policy
  • Employee emergency contact
  • Employee time-off request
  • Employee reimbursement
  • Employee termination letter
  • Employee direct deposit authorization
  • Employee rejection letter
  • Employee write-up forms
  • Employee evaluation form
  • Employee on-boarding checklist

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