Cleaning is a daily requirement in both commercial and residential establishments and the needs are often satisfied by a cleaning or janitorial company. The services being requested vary in terms of size and expectations. But irrespective of the variation, it is important to get into a formal agreement first by signing a cleaning service contract.

Part 1: What is a Cleaning Contract Template?

A cleaning contract template is a ready-made legal document that can be reprinted and used by cleaning companies when dealing with clients. Think of the template as a boilerplate. Every necessary detail to be included in the contract is already present. You simply edit some fields, add your sections, provide your signature and it is now a legal cleaning contract.

What sets these templates apart from a normal piece of paper is that they are accepted by legal entities like attorneys, and law firms. In case of any legal proceedings, the contract will be recognized and looked at.

This is because the sample cleaning contract templates are made to comply with the rules and regulations of the cleaning industry. All the basic information which the law demands is covered and there is space offered to include your terms.

Part 2: What Are Included in a Cleaning Service Contract?

Since the document will be used in the legal proceedings, if required, it needs to contain all the details about the cleaning project. Here are the main essentials in the cleaning service agreement:

Scope of the project

The primary thing to be included in the contract is the scope of the work. The areas to be cleaned, the tools and machinery to be used, the number of janitors required, and so on. Essentially, the contract provides a brief overview of what the project is about and how the cleaning process is expected to go ahead.

Details about the cleaning company

Companies providing cleaning services have a unique registration number and a license number. This should perfectly be reflected in the contract. The name of the head person, billing number, and contact details are secondary.

Cost estimate

This section should mention the total cost of the project and how it is going to be paid. Is it one-time upfront, in installments, or after completion of the task and inspection? When writing the figures down, do not hold back any hidden charges, except things like tips.

Dispute resolution

Some form of a dispute is inevitable. While most of them get resolved, some are too severe. This section should include every clause that may lead to a dispute and the project being abandoned or payment being withheld.


This section means that the parties involved have read and agreed to the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract.

Part 3: Why Is a Cleaning Service Contract Necessary?

Even though most people tend to neglect it, a cleaning contract holds significant importance. Therefore, it is highly advised to prepare a contract by using a cleaning service contract template before starting the cleaning work. Here are the reasons why such a contract is necessary:

Clarity on the project

With a contract in place, you (and anyone concerned) will be able to know what is expected from the project. Cleaning contractors can thus formulate a specialized plan to deliver their services, which would increase speed and efficiency.


A contract explicitly states the terms and conditions and the responsibility each party is expected to bear. Therefore, if someone strays away from the mentioned terms, the contracts make it easy to hold them accountable.


In the corporate environment, delays are frustrating and even damaging to some extent. Contracts, among other details, explicitly mention the starting and expected end date of the project. The cleaning company promises to complete the work within the given time frame and affirms the same via the contract. Therefore, the chances of delays are to a minimum.

Better management of clients

A large corporate house deals with multiple cleaning companies. Similarly, a cleaning company has to manage multiple clients. A contract makes it easier for both parties to manage their workload seamlessly.

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If you are a cleaning service provider, your customers deserve detailed contracts with clear, step-by-step instructions. If you are looking for a cleaning company, you will want to make sure you get high quality service. Our free cleaning contract template details the specific items that both parties need.

A contract will ensure that your commitment doesn't go unpaid if the other party opts-out of the deal mid-way. The clauses mentioned will hold them liable to reimburse you in such cases.

A cleaning contract template is better than creating a contract from the ground up if speed is your priority. You can download the cleaning contract as well as other service contract templates and start using it in minutes. CocoSign offers a vast set of ready-to-use contract samples for almost all sectors including janitorial and cleaning. Download one now.


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