A home whether new or existing is close to the heart of every homeowner. A home improvement contract comes in handy when a new or established home needs rework. From simple repairs to remodelling and redesign, a home improvement contract is instrumental in getting the work executed without hassle and protecting the interests of homeowners and the contractors alike.

What Is a Home Improvement Contract?

To explain in simple words, a home improvement contract lists out the details of home repair work to be done in clear terms and all details, in a legally binding manner and protects the interests and investment of home owners and contractors.

It is advisable to sign a home improvement contract even for simple contract works instead of a verbal commitment to minimize risk of damages and non payment issues. Carefully drafted home improvement contract templates for home owners and contractors can ensure smooth and timely completion of home repair tasks as defined in the contract.

What Is Included in a Home Improvement Contract?

A home improvement contract includes the following:

  • Scope of work in a clearly defined manner related to home improvement tasks with timelines and any permissions, samples as needed
  • Timeline of completion of the work in a phase wise manner and overall delivery date
  • Payment terms upon each phase of completion along with final payment due clause
  • Scope of changes and clauses related to the change completion, requirements, access, timelines and payment terms
  • Approvals, licenses and work permits needed to complete the job along with submissions of needed documents, photocopies, permissions and government approvals if any
  • Site details along with access permissions, time of entry and exit, number of staff and machines
  • Costs related to the project broken down and itemized in alignment with the scope of work
  • Contract cancellation terms clearly defined from both parties
  • Inspection and approvals of the material, work underway and final submission
  • Warranty details related to any products being installed
  • Contact details of property owner and contractor with date and signature

Why Is a Home Improvement Contract Important?

A legal contract in written form is always binding to both parties. A home improvement contract ensures the work gets done, gets done right and is completed within scope, budget and time.

It also helps both parties see a high level summary of work to be done in a single, simple to read and understand document format. If you want to protect your property from damage or if you want to ensure that you get your payment in time and in a fair manner, getting the home improvement done after signing the contract is advisable.

Types of Home Improvement Contracts

Home improvement contracts can be of the following types:

  • Home remodelling contract

    These contracts are designed for contractors working on home renovation services.

  • Home repair contract
  • These contracts are designed for contractors working on home repair services.

  • Home improvement contract
  • These contracts are designed for contractors working on home enhancement services.

  • Other product installation or services related to the home

    These are custom contracts designed for product installations, services and miscellaneous requests.

Irrespective of what your home improvement needs are, our contract templates are easy to use and fully customizable to your individual requirement.

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