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How to Sign PDF Online

1. Upload PDF

To begin with, drag and drop your PDF onto the highlighted area to upload the file to the platform. Another option is clicking on the ‘choose file’ button.

2. Sign PDF

To sign a PDF online, select the document, select a signature type and create a signature free using an electronic pen, mouse or touchpad. Then, add this digital signature to the document. You may also upload a ready made signature.

3. Download PDF

Finally, after saving all changes, in one fell swoop – click the “Download’ button - you have your signed pdf downloaded via a secure SSL connection.

Sign PDF Online. Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Co-signing with Multiple Users

You can share the documents and have several people sign it simultaneously. All you need is to put a link to the PDF to several people at once. To cap it all, you can easily follow up on who has signed or hasn’t.

Secure and Reliable

CocoSign’s ‘military-grade security’ ensures that file sharing is as secured and private as possible by establishing an encrypted SSL link between CocoSign’s web server and the user’s browser. The files are stored for your eyes only on our secured database.

Quick and Easy to Use

With CocoSign, you can get a free online signature on your PDF. All you need do is draw, write or upload the signature and you can have your digital signature added to your PDF file in no time.

Compatible with All Operating Systems

CocoSign’s free electronic signature tool is accessible via the internet. It can be accessed on any device irrespective of the operating system it runs.

Create e-Signature How You Like

After uploading the document, you decide how you want to create your PDF signature. You can do so on the clean, responsive platform by signing with a mouse or uploading an image of your signature.

Cloud-based Storage

Since the signing process is based on cloud technology, it does not drain any resources from your device, neither does it need you to download a third-party signature app.

What Are the Advantages of Signing PDF with Electronic Signatures?

Advancements in technology has made electronic documents and signatures a possibility in today’s world. Rather than go through the painstaking process of having your documents sent over by mail, signing them by hand and returned back by a courier service, you have an option of appending this signature online through a quick and easy process.

There are several reasons why signing PDF with electronic signatures appeals to numerous individuals and corporations.


It is usually more expensive to send signed paper documents by postal or courier service than using electronic signatures on platforms like CocoSign which is completely free


Contrary to what some people might believe, electronically documents are as legally binding as regular hand-signed paper documents.

Impostor prevention:

It is impossible for anybody to forge your digital signature or make a submission claiming the document was signed by you.


Electronic signatures aren’t only convenient but come with a timestamp. Consequently, you can know what time or date the document was signed.


Electronic signatures and electronic documents are one of the safest means of sharing official documents. Little wonder why many large corporations prefer this method. It is a more secure method than using postal services or courier service for sending a signed document.

Who May Need to Use Electronic Signatures to Sign PDF?

There’s a laundry list of reasons why electronic signatures are a thing and have become increasingly popular with people from all walks of life. The monetization of e-commerce has made it legal across several countries. It is also significantly helpful in pandemics like this, when the governments of several countries across the world have enforced lockdown policies.

E-signatures are mostly used by the following groups of people:

Remote workers

If you work from home or a remote location separate from your brand’s physical location, most, if not all of your activities will be done online. Should you need to sign any pdf documents, e-signatures are your best bet.

Healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals need e-signatures to reach their long-term goals of virtual hospitals and medical e-commerce. With e-signatures, the time needed to get signatures from doctors, patients, insurers and other medical stakeholders can be reduced to a bare minimum.

Government employees

Government officials may need e-signatures to sign PDF. In fact, petitions have changed since the advent of electronic signatures. Let’s take a case study of petition to cancel the Brexit deadline. Within only a few months, millions of signatures were collected due to e-signing solutions.

Sign PDF Online FAQs

Can I sign from a desktop?

Yes, you can. CocoSign’s technology enables you to append your signature on any device that has an internet connection and access to a web browser. This is the case irrespective of the operating system the device runs on.

Are electronic signatures legal?

Electronic signatures are considered legal in many countries including the US, Canada and Australia. The E-sign law allows all documents except wills, trusts, estate documentations and court pleadings to be signed electronically.

Are electronic signatures as legally binding as wet ink signatures?

Yes, they are. An electronic signature inserted into a PDF file in the purpose of acceptance, approval and bound by the terms of the document are as legally binding as that of a wet-ink signature. The only exceptions are the documents listed above.

If a party to a transaction signs online, are others required to do the same?

No. Since both e-signatures and wet ink signatures share the same legal status, both forms of signatures can be contained in the same pdf document.

Is there any difference between a digital signature and an electronic signature?

Although most people confuse these two as the same, there is a little difference between both. While digital signatures guarantee that a particular document is authentic, an electronic signature is attached to an electronic document by a user with an intent to sign the document.

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