Get a signature in Person with CocoSign

Anxious about a pending order after numerous business meetings or sales visits? Eager to finalize the deal as soon as possible for greater peace of mind? With CocoSign’s in-person signing feature, you can get your documents signed face-to-face with your clients within seconds and close a deal quickly and professionally, eliminating a prolonged waiting period and possibly the uncertainty from the customers’ side in the meantime.

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Easy and quick signing process

You do not need to prepare and manage paperwork and then go through another round of waiting process to get everything finalized, nor do you need to keep answering useless dialogue boxes. No more tapping your foot and staring at the buffering sign. With CocoSign in-person signing, you can save a lot of time and money as you complete the entire signing process digitally.

No more worrying about safety

No need to worry about signature forgery or theft as you handle paperwork with a customer, partner, contractor or an employee face to face. CocoSign’s encrypted signing services ensure all data is safeguarded with maximum layers of security measures. Securely sign off on a document and submit it without worrying about any cyber thefts.

Signing Step 1:The following signers will be emailed to sign first.Signing Step 2:Create a second group to sign next.Add a signing stepNextBackEscamilla@gmail.comKato@gmail.comAlger@gmail.comEscamillaKatoAlgerReceives a Copy (CC)Receives a Copy (CC)Receives a Copy (CC)Firstly, and will be emailed at the same time to sign. Secondly, will be required in parallel to sign.KatoAlgerDave, Escamilla, Note:Recipients will sign the document in a successive order if there is more than one signing step.Authentication codeOnce enabled, the recipient will need an authentication code to open this file. The authentication code will be sent to the recipient’s email once he/she clicks the document link provided in the email.Dave@gmail.comDaveReceives a Copy (CC)Add RecipientsEnter Authentication codeThe sender has enabled additional access restrictions for this document. Please enter the Authentication code received in your email inbox to access this document.137861
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Get work done faster

CocoSign empowers your HR team, sales department, etc to sign agreements quickly when onboarding new hires, or meeting with clients. Be it your clients, or staff, or partners or contractors, they all can easily sign on any device such as Mac, PC, tablet and so on. For every completed document, CocoSign will send a reminder as well as delivering the signed file into all signers via email.

How to get signatures in person with CocoSign?

Step 1

Log into your CocoSign account and click Templates.

Step 2

Find the document template you want to use, and click More.

Step 3

In the roll-down, choose Sign in Person. Here you will be able to see the groups you created previously for signing. Select one group from within.

Step 4

Now hand the device to the signer. And have him enter his personal information including name and email address in the pop-up.

Step 5

After the first signer fills all the necessary fields, simply hit the button Continue, and handle the device to the next signer. Once everyone completes the document, the final copy will be sent to each signer’s email address.

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