Sign on the go

With the help of the CocoSign, you can sign PDF online at your disposal. Once the contract format is prepared, and the signature fields are inserted, you can put in your encrypted and secured signature digitally.

Save your signature digitally and insert it whenever needed

With the help of the in-person signing feature, CocoSign allows customers, partners, and employees across the firm to insert their signatures on the documents. This can be done on their phones, tablets, or computers from anywhere in the world.

Control the sequence

With CocoSign digital signature software, you can also define the order in which the signatures are to be inserted. For this, you can either send in a parallel or a series sequence. In other words, they can sign at the same time or one after another.

Track and monitor

You no longer have to follow up with clients or employees for tracking the status of their digital signature. From the CocoSign interface, you can actually track who has signed the documents and who all are yet to.

Make the best use of audit trail

You can also take the help of the audit trail to know how each process or transaction works. This secure audit trail will have a record of every activity, including the name, email address, and IP address.

Store the signed documents securely

CocoSign has a secure storage system that can store documents for a period of time until they auto-expire. You can also export the data to a location of your choice after the period or even delete them from the cloud storage completely.

Legally binding and secure

Advanced Encryption

CocoSign uses advanced digital encryption protocols to keep all information secured. All communications are conducted through a secure SSL line.

Extra Security

An extra layer of authentication with fingerprint and passcode.

Digital Audit Trail

The digital audit trail maintains a record of every transaction with the user’s details.

ESIGN Act and eIDAS Compliance

CocoSign meets the regulatory standards set by the ESIGN Act and eIDAS.

E-signing Solutions Designed For Your Businesses

Simplify your document flow right away with the esignature solutions offered by CocoSign

Easy import

You can import documents for signature from various locations - attachment in the email, or an SD card, a document downloaded from an app, or even from a Cloud environment.

Parallel and sequential signing

With the multiple signature options, you can securely send out a document to multiple recipients for signature. They could either sign one after another or sign in parallel.

Sign even when offline

Save the formatted and branded documents as drafts, and access them offline. You can also sign the contracts offline and save them in the Drafts section.

Lightning speed

We value your time! Your documents are processed within a matter of seconds. You can even add custom fields on documents for faster processing time.

Wet ink-like signatures

With the feature of wet ink-like signatures, the digital signatures on CocoSign are as real as they get. It helps authenticate contracts and agreements across multiple platforms.

Range of supported file formats

Create electronic signature across a variety of formats - PDFs, Word and Excel files, images in JPG and PNG formats, and the likes.

Save on the go

Something else needs your attention? Save your uncompleted documents as drafts so that you can work on them later.

Add texts and images

Do you need to edit your documents before signing them up? Easily add texts and images to them effortlessly.

Custom fields

Have certain data that is used to fill fields frequently? Set them as custom fields and use them whenever needed for quick document filing.

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