Wedding videography is an integral part of any wedding. The most important day of the life of a bride and a groom is worth keeping as a record so that they can look back and cherish those memories again anytime later in their life.

That’s when the need for a wedding videographer arises, and this is also when the wedding contracts such as the wedding videography contract comes into action.

What Is The Wedding Videography Contract?

The wedding videography contract is a legal agreement between two parties, mainly the wedding videographer and the client. Hereby, this contract binds both the parties to the terms and conditions of the contract so that no misunderstanding arises during the fulfillment of the contract.

When Is The Wedding Videography Contract Used?

A wedding videography contract is usually used when the videography services are needed at a wedding. Wedding videography contracts can be signed for weddings, events, social gatherings, and on occasions alike.

Why Is The Wedding Videography Contract Needed?

Like any other contract, a wedding videography contract is created in a way that makes the parties liable to the legal terms listed within as well as fulfill the expectations and conditions mentioned.

The contract serves various purposes – it acts as a medium for both parties to stick to their commitment. It provides a time frame for the service desired, and acts as a mode to recourse the relationship in case of disagreements or disputes between the involved parties, and so on.

More than that, the contract also labels down everything that is agreed on by both parties making it easier to follow it through.

It also helps the videographer to list down all the services he/she can provide and sets the customer’s expectations right.

What Are The Components Of The Wedding Videography Contract?

Here are the main components of a wedding videography contract and everything else:

Details of the client(s)

The wedding videography contract should include the name, complete address, and contact details of the client(s).

Wedding details

A wedding videography contract should contain the right venue details such as the complete address of the wedding venue, wedding date, the starting and ending time of video coverage, the approximate time of the ceremony, and other necessary details that the videographer wishes to be added.

Video package details

A wedding videography contract should also include information on the video package selected by the client and the travel and accommodation costs (if any).

Delivery details

A wedding videography contract may also include details of delivery like the place where the final edited video will be delivered, the number of copies needed, the date before which it should be delivered, etc.

Restrictions, filming, and environment, house rules

The section states that the videographer will only film at places where it is allowed to film. For filming at unrestricted venues such as churches, museums, historical places, etc., the client may need to seek prior permission. On the contrary, the client should be ready to accept the final result of filming.

Drone restrictions may also be included. Moreover, it can also be stated that the videographer will not be responsible for the filming quality in case of bad weather, low light, adverse weather conditions, and in other such circumstances.


The videographer will not be responsible for not recording the desired video in case the bride and groom arrive extraordinarily late at the ceremony or in case, the order of the day was not well explained, resulting in the loss of footage.

Payment and cancellation

This section mentions the terms and methods of payment as well as payment schedule. It may also include the cancellation and booking fee, and security deposit.

limited liability

This section states that the liability of videographer extends only to a partial loss of payment in case the video is a loss, stolen, destroyed, or corrupted due to any reasons.


This is an integral part of a contract wherein the copyrights of the shot video are discussed.

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