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Wedding Videography Contract

    Weddings are one-time celebrations. Wedding videographers have to deliver big as they carry huge baggage expectations on their shoulders while there should be no time wasted on paperwork hassles. We have drafted a wedding videography contract template that helps to set every detail straight. You can personalize it to conduct your wedding videography business legally and professionally.

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Wedding Videography Contract
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Wedding Videography Contract

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Wedding videography is an integral part of any wedding. The most important day of the life of a bride and a groom is worth keeping as a record so that they can look back and cherish those memories again anytime later in their life.

That’s when the need for a wedding videographer arises, and this is also when the wedding contracts such as the wedding videography contract comes into action.

What Is The Wedding Videography Contract?

The wedding videography contract is a legal agreement between two parties, mainly the wedding videographer and the client. Hereby, this contract binds both the parties to the terms and conditions of the contract so that no misunderstanding arises during the fulfillment of the contract.

When Is The Wedding Videography Contract Used?

A wedding videography contract is usually used when the videography services are needed at a wedding. Wedding videography contracts can be signed for weddings, events, social gatherings, and on occasions alike.

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Our wedding videography contract template has been designed to be customizable and easy-to-understand as it has undergone the reviews of picky legal experts. It’s free to download and legally compliant.

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Why Is The Wedding Videography Contract Needed?

Like any other contract, a wedding videography contract is created in a way that makes the parties liable to the legal terms listed within as well as fulfill the expectations and conditions mentioned.

The contract serves various purposes – it acts as a medium for both parties to stick to their commitment. It provides a time frame for the service desired, and acts as a mode to recourse the relationship in case of disagreements or disputes between the involved parties, and so on.

More than that, the contract also labels down everything that is agreed on by both parties making it easier to follow it through.

It also helps the videographer to list down all the services he/she can provide and sets the customer’s expectations right.

What Are The Components Of The Wedding Videography Contract?

Here are the main components of a wedding videography contract and everything else:

Details of the client(s)

The wedding videography contract should include the name, complete address, and contact details of the client(s).

Wedding details

A wedding videography contract should contain the right venue details such as the complete address of the wedding venue, wedding date, the starting and ending time of video coverage, the approximate time of the ceremony, and other necessary details that the videographer wishes to be added.

Video package details

A wedding videography contract should also include information on the video package selected by the client and the travel and accommodation costs (if any).

Delivery details

A wedding videography contract may also include details of delivery like the place where the final edited video will be delivered, the number of copies needed, the date before which it should be delivered, etc.

Restrictions, filming, and environment, house rules

The section states that the videographer will only film at places where it is allowed to film. For filming at unrestricted venues such as churches, museums, historical places, etc., the client may need to seek prior permission. On the contrary, the client should be ready to accept the final result of filming.

Drone restrictions may also be included. Moreover, it can also be stated that the videographer will not be responsible for the filming quality in case of bad weather, low light, adverse weather conditions, and in other such circumstances.


The videographer will not be responsible for not recording the desired video in case the bride and groom arrive extraordinarily late at the ceremony or in case, the order of the day was not well explained, resulting in the loss of footage.

Payment and cancellation

This section mentions the terms and methods of payment as well as payment schedule. It may also include the cancellation and booking fee, and security deposit.

limited liability

This section states that the liability of videographer extends only to a partial loss of payment in case the video is a loss, stolen, destroyed, or corrupted due to any reasons.


This is an integral part of a contract wherein the copyrights of the shot video are discussed.

In case you are entering into a wedding videographer contract, make sure that you underline your terms and conditions well. CocoSign provides the best attorney-drafted contract template ready to use for your particular needs for free.


 Weddings Videography and Photography Contract


General Information

Wedding date: __________ (month) __________ (day) __________ (year) Bride’s name: _______________________________

Groom’s name:_______________________________

Primary                                                                                                                                    address:_________________________________________________________________ _____________

Primary phone #:_______________________________

Email                                                                                                                     address(es): ________________________________________________________________________ ______

Address                                                                                                                             after wedding:________________________________________________________________ ______________

Ceremony                                                                                                                   location: ________________________________________________________________________ ______

Type of ceremony (beach, garden, church,                                                  etc.):____________________________________________________      Ceremony time & Special instructions:                                                        ___________________________________________________________

Reception location:________________________________________________________

Reception time & Special                                                                                                        instructions:______________________________________________________________




Primary photographer:                                                                                                             ________________________________________________________________________ _______

Primary videographer:                                                                                                             ________________________________________________________________________ _______

Referred by:                                                                                                                              ________________________________________________________________________ ______

Total cost of service: ____________________________

Retainer  paid  to  date:____________________________  (Retainer  is  50%  of  total amount)

The balance (25%) of ____________________ will be paid in two parts. The sum of ______________  will  be  paid   at  the   end   of  the   wedding   and  the  balance   of _______________ upon delivery of video/photos.

Terms and Conditions

1. It  is  understood  that  ____________  is  the  exclusive  Videographer  and/or Photographer retained by the client to cover outlined event. Any conflicts with other  photographic   and/or  video   coverage   contracts   and   any   notifications necessary to avoid such conflicts are the sole responsibility of the client.

1. Client  assumes  all  responsibilities  for  obtaining  any  necessary  permission, clearance   permits,   etc.,   which   may   be   required   for   ________________to photograph/video each event, public or private. Client assumes all responsibility for  obtaining  and  retaining  permission  for  access  to  any  requested  camera positions and is solely responsible for the quality of the final production resulting from the use of, or inability to use, such camera positions. The client warrants that he/she  has  the   legal   rights  to   anything  ________________will  videotape, including photos, musical recordings, videotapes, or any other materials delivered to ________________for inclusion in the clients videotape or DVD. The Client agrees to indemnify and hold

1. ________________reserves the right to use videos and photos for display and or promotional purposes. All video masters, raw footage and photographs remain the exclusive property of Walters Weddings.

1. Artistic Style. On its own behalf and on behalf of the subject: Client acknowledges that he/she is familiar with the Companys portfolio and is requesting services with  knowledge  of  the  companys  style  and  that  the  Companys  work  is constantly  evolving;  that  the  Company's  services  are  of a  unique  and  artistic nature; that the photos and or video may be different from photos and or video




done by the company in the past; and that in creating the photos or videos we shall use our own creative artistic judgment to create images consistent with our personal judgment to create images and videos consistent with our vision of the event, which may be different from the clients and or the subject’s vision of the event. Accordingly, client acknowledges that the photos or videos shall not be subject to rejection on the basis of taste or esthetic criteria.

1. The  client reserves the right to terminate the contract  for  any reason up to  5 daysafter the date of down payment. Should the client terminate the contract, all money paid minus the retainer which is 25% oftotal cost will be refunded.

1. The client has critically viewed samples of Walters Weddings video and/or photo work    and    hereby    grants    full    editorial    and    production    control    to ________________for all aspects of the production and post-production services for the event. In the event a particular segment of the event is either not recorded, partially recorded, or not a part of the edited master tape, it is at the sole discretion of ________________as  the  exclusive producer  of the  event video  recording. Changes requested to the final video after delivery to client are charged at a rate ofJ$8500.00 / hour.

1. All personal property provided by client to ________________for utilization in the     post-     production     of     their     videotape/photos     is     received     by ________________at     the     complete     and     total     risk     of    the     client. ________________will make every effort to ensure the safekeeping of a client’s personal property while in its possession and return same to client upon delivery of the edited master copy tape/final photo package.

1. If ________________fails to comply with the terms of this agreement due to any event or at beyond the control of Walters Weddings, including but not limited to illness,   accident,   labor   disputes,   acts   of  God   and   other   catastrophes,   or uncontrollable and unforeseeable equipment failure, Walters Weddings liability is limited only to a refund of all monies received.

1. ________________produces DVDs using the most compatible media for set top players (DVD-R). ________________is not responsible for incompatibility with the DVDs created and the client’s player.

I/we have read and agree to the terms and conditions printed on this contract and have accepted same.









Wedding Video FAQs

Please read through these questions and answers. Ifyou have questions that are not clear after   reading   the  following   items,  please  feel  free   to   contact  your  principal photographer/videographer.

Q. If I want to be videotaped and photographed at the salon while getting ready, what do I have to do to be able to have you tape at a salon?

A. If you are planning on getting ready at a beauty salon, it is always a good idea to check  in  advance  to  see  if they  will  allow  you  to  take  photographs/videos  in  their building.

Q. Is it possible to video and/or photograph everyone at the wedding ceremony and reception? How long do you work with me on the day of our wedding?

A. No. It is impossible to guarantee that everyone will be filmed/photographed. As a general rule with our videos/photos, we focus solely on the bride and groom. If you want to make sure that a specific family member is filmed/photographed, you must contact us before the wedding. We will stay at the event until we get the footage we need to finish your video/capture the proceedings. If there is an event that will take place later in the evening, please let me know ahead of time so that we can make arrangements in our schedules.

Q. How do you edit our video?

A. The way we shoot and edit the video is by using candid camera film shooting and editing techniques. This means that your entire day will be condensed into an hour-long video. Also please note, that We only include the most important moments from the wedding ceremony.

Q. How do you edit our photographs?

A. While we do our best to keep editing to a honest minimum, we edit your images to enhance their natural beauty while staying true to the original emotions captured in that moment.

Q. Can we buy the raw footage? How long do you keep a master copy of our video on file?

A. Yes, we do sell the raw footage. The cost is $60USD for 2 DVDs. We keep raw footage on file for only four (4) months after you have received your wedding video. We keep a master copy of your video on hand for two years after your wedding date. After that time period, we cannot guarantee that we will have a copy of your video. We highly recommend to every couple, that you purchase some brand of media fire safe: Sentry and Brinks make these. This will ensure that you will have a copy of the video in a protected location.  Any  photos  or  videos  with  a  copyright  mark  or  professional  photographer




company logo will not be used in your production, unless you have obtained a release signature from the photographer.

Q. How long does it take to finish editing our video/photos? Can we make changes to the final video?

A. We finish editing your video in 4 - 6 weeks and your photos within 30days. A preview (10 photos) of your wedding day will be made available within 5 days or less. We allow changes to the final video only if mistakes were made on Walters Weddings’ part. Such mistakes include misspellings and other changes, which were discussed with us ahead of time. Other changes to the final video can be made, but there will be a charge per hour to do so. Changes to the final video, which were not caused by Walters Weddings, are billed at a rate of US$9.50 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours charged. These charges are not meant to be a deterrent, but changes to the final video that were not discussed with us ahead of time still take a great deal of additional editing time and excess materials

Q. How do we get our wedding videos/photographs when you are finished?

A. When we inform you that your video is finished, we will ship the product or hand- deliver it to you or to your after wedding address. Preview photographs and final images will be delivered electronically via Pixieset that allows for not only easy online sharing to friends and relatives but also allows for easy printing of a multitude of print products at any size you desire.

I/we have read and agree to the terms and conditions printed on this contract and have accepted same.






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