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You can create an incredible first impression with a well-written proposal template from CocoSign. Our templatelibrary contains different types of proposal templates to allow you raise your professionalism.

  • Bid Proposal Template

    Bid Proposal Template
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    A bid proposal template is the best way to draft an efficient bid proposal that can get you the best contractor for your project. Check CocoSign and get your free sample now!

  • Branding Proposal

    Branding Proposal
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    A well-conceived branding proposal is crucial for convincing clients to trust you with their branding. Here is how to develop an efficient one on CocoSign.

  • Budget Proposal Template

    Budget Proposal Template
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    A successful project starts with an efficient budget proposal, and for that, you need the best budget proposal template. If you are looking for one for your business, check CocoSign’s template to fulfill your needs.

  • Catering Proposal Template

    Catering Proposal Template
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    Are you looking for a catering proposal for your business? Check CocoSign out! Having a good template can save you lots of time and energy and bolster one's intention to close a deal.

  • Construction Proposal Template

    Construction Proposal Template
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    A construction proposal is the best way to land a construction job and to make sure it’s efficient. If you need an excellent construction proposal template, check CocoSign out to download a free sample!

  • Consulting Proposal Template

    Consulting Proposal Template
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    The perfect recipe for a winning consulting proposal involves creativity, communication, and an excellent consulting proposal template. Don’t want to write one on your own? You can get a free template from CocoSign!

  • Digital Marketing Proposal

    Digital Marketing Proposal
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    Looking for a well-crafted digital marketing proposal template for your business? Check CocoSign out, and get a free download! Our template will help you pitch your services.

  • Event Proposal Template

    Event Proposal Template
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    Event planning involves many crucial aspects, so to create the best event proposal, you need to organize the information with a complex event proposal template from CocoSign.

  • Grant Proposal Template

    Grant Proposal Template
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    A winning grant proposal is based on two things: a valuable and useful project and an excellent grant proposal template. Direct to CocoSign to see how to draft a great one.

  • Graphic Design Proposal

    Graphic Design Proposal
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    A graphic design proposal is an excellent tool for attracting new clients, but for it to be successful, it must start with an efficient template. Check CocoSign out, and customize your own graphic design proposal.

  • Landscaping Proposal Template

    Landscaping Proposal Template
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    Start preparing your Landscaping proposal now and give a boost to your business. CocoSign’s templates are easy to use and free of cost, so you don’t need to worry about your budget. Let’s grow together.

  • Marketing Proposal Template

    Marketing Proposal Template
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    A marketing proposal must efficiently sell your services and show your marketing abilities, and an excellent marketing proposal template is the tool you need. Don’t hesitate to get a well-crafted proposal from CocoSign today!

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The commercial world is a complex and vibrant place, where establishing relations is crucial. The best way to approach companies to present yourself and set the grounds for future collaboration is to send proposals.

But most businesses use this strategy, so you must find a way to make your document stand out. The solution is a well-conceived proposal template; it will make sure your proposal will differentiate itself from the competition, and you will get to the next step in the business relationship with your future client.

What Is a Proposal?

Proposals are documents businesses use to convince a potential client that future collaboration will be more than beneficial for both parties.

A proposal opens the way to a more detailed conversation, so it has to contain all the essential aspects the client may be interested in. The business world is highly competitive, and the proposal determines the client’s first impression of your professional activity.

That’s why you must draft it with a lot of care and attention to details, and a proposal template is the best tool you can use.

What Are Proposals Used for?

Proposals are used for making the initial contact between two companies, one that is looking for a certain service and another that provides it. A business proposal can be requested by the client, who then compares all the documents they receive and chooses the most appealing one.

Or it can be sent unsolicited, as part of a market prospect strategy. Business proposals are used in most fields and are meant to join compatible businesses for future collaboration.

What Should Be Included in a Proposal?

Using a business proposal template helps you include all the essential elements in your document, and that leads to a positive reaction from the client.

To begin with, you need to present yourself and your business and highlight the level of qualification, the experience, the reviews from satisfied clients, and all the abilities you bring to the table.

The next step is to point out the problems your client is facing and find some issues they aren’t even aware of. Meanwhile, you must recommend your solution and generally sketch a strategy that can help them overcome the obstacles and reach material gains shortly.

An efficient business proposal template also includes clear mentions on milestones, pricing, and limitations, as well as an explicit call to action. Proposals are sales documents, so they must be as persuasive as possible, without adding unnecessary information.

The purpose is to show your prospect that you are prepared to handle any challenge their project may face and that the service you provide has the parameters and price that best suit them.

In common practice, clients request a proposal first, and then, if it’s the case, also demand a statement of work.


Proposals are frequently used in the business world as a way to open communication with a potential client. Looking at business proposals can help, but the best way to create the perfect document to convince your prospect is to start with an excellent proposal template.

That way, you will have all the necessary sections, and you will cover the most common aspects potential clients usually look for initially.

But you also have to make sure you choose the best business proposal template , as there are many options available. CocoSign is an excellent choice, and they offer a wide range of proposal templates, covering all the essential domains.

Proposal Templates FAQ

What is the difference between a business plan and a business proposal?

The business plan is created after the business relationship has been initiated, and it represents a clear strategy based on clear facts that you have previously discussed with the client.

What is the difference between a proposal and an estimate?

An estimate anticipates the costs related to a specific service, while a proposal is a complex document that covers more aspects, not just the prices. It’s a presentation of the service provider and accentuates why it’s a good idea to choose that particular business over others.

How long should the proposal be?

The length of the proposal depends on the type of business, but generally, the recommended length is 3-5 pages. It needs to contain only relevant pieces of information and be convincing without unnecessary additions.

What is a request for a proposal?

An RFP, or a request for a proposal, is essentially a formal pitch. It lets service providers know that a company is on the market for a specific product or service and that they are expecting offers.

What is the difference between a proposal and an SOW?

The proposal covers all the essential aspects that make a particular company the right choice for a potential client; it’s a complex and persuasive document. A statement of work, or SOW, is concentrated on the project’s objectives and execution criteria.

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