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    Are you owning a dog and failing to take out time to take them out for a walk regularly? You should not stress over this problem. Instead, wisely hire a dog walker as a solution. To keep things on paper, try our easy, customized dog walking contract template that helps you seal the deal while saving your time preventing you from designing one from scratch.

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Dog Walking Contract
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Dog Walking Contract

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Dogs are humans' best friends. They are precious and valuable. When seeking for dog walking service, one should be comfortable with the dog walker offering such services and should have proof of assurance to care for the safety of the pet. This contract covers the basic terms and conditions applicable to dog walking service.

What is a Dog Walking Contract?

A dog walking contract helps to establish the arrangement between a pet owner and a dog walker. A dog walking services contract allows a client to make an agreement with a dog walker for dog walking services in exchange for payment.

Signing up a dog walker allows you to take care of your pet’s needs when you don’t have the extra time to do so. A legal dog walking contract protects both the owner and the walker, making sure each party understands its rights and responsibilities in the arrangement. If you want the best care and safety for your dog or dogs, always sign a formal dog walking contract with our dog walking contract templates.

Make Your Free Dog Walking Contract Now!

Your dog’s well-being is not something that should be overlooked. Now is the time to hire a dog walker using our dog walking contract template. It’s clear, simple to understand, and 100% free.

What’s Included in a Dog Walking Contract?

Like a daycare contract, a dog walking service contract includes the following:

Parties and Contact Information

The first thing is to mention who the parties to the agreement are and the date when the contract goes into effect. Names, contact details of the walker and the dog owner/ caretaker, pet information should be included, as well as the medical issues of the pet if any.


Signatures and dates for both the dog walker and the pet owner.


Details of services and any specific services that are not covered in the budget. This gives boundaries to the dog owner to understand what he/she can expect from the dog walker.

Payment and Expenses

This section states the service charge, and payment methods. This section should provide time durations if the dog walker charges by the hour. Also include any fees for specific services and if the dog walker has different rates for weekends.

Governing Law​

The contract should include the state that both parties live in. That will specify what are the applicable terms for the dog walking contract.​

Liability and Insurance​

This section includes the liability terms the dog walker will abide by in case of any accident or other issues, if they may arise with the dogs under custody.

Responsibilities of the Parties

The dog walker and pet owner are responsible for appropriate fulfillment of the present agreement according to the legislation in force.

Cancellation Policy

A dog walker is required to give an intimation or cancellation notice if he/she is unavailable and the client has to pay the pending charges if and as applicable in the contract. The dog walker may cancel this contract in the same manner as the pet owner.


This basically says that each party must absolve himself or herself of any future lawsuits related to work and related expenses in case of a major incident.

When to Use a Dog Walking Contract?

You may use a dog walking agreement under the following circumstances:

  • As a dog walker you provide services for a pet owner as a contractor and not as a permanent employee. Therefore, go for a signed agreement on behalf of the dog walking business.
  • When you are a pet owner who contracts with an independent dog walker, use a dog walking contract for one or more dogs or multiple pets.
  • If a customer is asking to have dog walker services for his pets then he should use a dog walking contract to ensure proper treatment and safety of the dogs.

Why Do You Need a Dog Walking Contract?

A dog walking contract will provide clarity and avoid confusion between both parties. If you are a dog walker, having a contract ensures you get all of the information you need to take care of the dog in your charge. If you are an owner, this contract provides guarantee that your most loved pet will get the care and attention it deserves.

When starting a dog walking business it’s important to draw up a dog walking service agreement and ask each client to complete it.

Make Your Free Dog Walking Contract Now!

Your dog’s well-being is not something that should be overlooked. Now is the time to hire a dog walker using our dog walking contract template. It’s clear, simple to understand, and 100% free.


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