An influencer contract template is a standard document used to help create a formal agreement between a business and an influencer. In today’s digital age, a lot of new and exciting advertising opportunities have cropped up and it is important to have a modern influencer contract that protects the legal interests of the influencer as well as the business hiring the influencer.

What is An Influencer Contract?

Similar to a brand ambassador contract, a digital media or social media influencer contract is a legally binding agreement that defines the terms of any working relationship between a business marketer and the influencer.

The contract identifies and defines all responsibilities and expectations of an influencer and the business hiring the influencer regarding the aspects of the content creation process including video, images, audio and text. It also ensures that both the influencer and the business abide by the written terms listed within.

An influencer contract not only protects your interests as an influencer or as a business but also helps both the parties to brainstorm and decide what best can be achieved for the payment involved. In a way, even a simple influencer agreement template can help clarify the objectives and purpose of the contract and can help make a lasting impression on the advertising effort being made.

What Should Be Included In An Influencer Contract?

A social media influencer contract or popularly called a social media influencer agreement usually covers the following sections:

  • Detailed scope of products and services to be provided by the influencer along with:

    dates, formats, number of revisions and channels being used to promote the work of the influencers.

    This ensures that influencers keep their commitment to the deliverables expected but also protect them from un-necessary revisions and iterations.

    • Permissions regarding:

      the circulation of videos, subject involved, mediums, channels and duration of the promotions.

      It also clearly defines any non-competing clauses for the influencer and the manner in which her or she can work with competing brands if any.

      • Deliverables and timelines related to:

        draft submissions, revisions, and final product submission with all original files, intellectual property, social media handles like login names, hashtags and copyrights.

        • Name, contact information, date of commencement and termination of contract from each party along with the signatures to make it effective and formal.
          • Payment details including:

            total cost, expenditure breakup, licenses and fee, payment terms and additional payment depending on the performance of the influencer campaign

            • Cancellation terms of the influencer contract in part or in full due to:

              either of the party withdrawing from the contract and its terms

              or unforeseen circumstances that may lead to the project being stalled.

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