Everyone loves a sprawling, freshly trimmed and well maintained lawn. Yet most of us don’t have the time to maintain our lawns and to make the outdoor area beautiful.

As a homeowner or a commercial property owner, you will be well protected by having a signed contract from a business that provides lawn caring services. Similarly, as a lawn care company or professional, a lawn care contract will assist you to keep the “fine print” in order so that you can focus fully on client requirements when providing desired lawn care services. Yet signing up a lawn care contractor without any proper legal documentation is risky. Thus having a lawn care contract template ready for customization helps a lot. The industry leader in contracts, CocoSign provides a whole range of professionally and officially drafted contract templates for your contract needs.

What Is a Lawn Care Contract?

A contract is a formal agreement between a buyer and seller in which each party promises to do something for the other for a fee. Generally one party promises to deliver goods and/or services, and the other party promises monetary payment in exchange.

A lawn care services contract allows a client to formally agree with a lawn care contractor for lawn care services in exchange for payment. The lawn care contractor will commonly provide lawn mowing, hedging, clipping, tree trimming, plantation and maintenance requests from the home owner.

The lawn care maintenance services are generally provided on a scheduled basis, especially for commercial property owners or caretakers, with the clients paying a recurring weekly, monthly or yearly amount.

What’s Included in a Lawn Care Contract?

A lawn care service contract template covers the following:

Contact Information of Both Parties

Lawn care services contract should include names, contact details of the lawn care contractor and property owner/ caretaker.

Signature, Issue Date and Time of the Lawn Care Service Contractor and Customer

Both parties’ signatures and the contract issue date, time and place should be mentioned specifically in the contract. It makes the contract serve as proper legal documentation for the deal.

Detailed Services

Lawn and garden services could include lawn mowing, hedge trimming, tree pruning, garden cleaning, leaf raking and removal, dead plants removal, weed spraying, water blasting, green waste removal and more.

Payment Terms and Charges for the Services

Lawn care contractor accepts that he/she will pay the contractor or lawn care professional the full contract sum or will pay invoices on the monthly basis together with any tax properly chargeable upon the contract. It also describes how billing will be done and dues be cleared periodically.

Contract Cancellation Terms

The customer may cancel this contract with written notice like mail or email. Customer agrees to provide a minimum hour’s notice of cancellation prior to scheduled lawn care services.

If the customer cancels services within those hours prior to scheduled lawn care services, the customer agrees to pay some percentage of the scheduled fee to the lawn care service contractor.

The lawn care contractor may cancel this contract in the same manner as the customer due to unforeseen circumstances.

Responsibilities of the Parties

Each of the parties acknowledges the rights and responsibilities of the other party and agrees to discharge its responsibilities under this lawn care contract.


The home owner or property owner and lawn care contractor agree to indemnify each other from any claims or liabilities arising from their willful or negligent actions.

Why Is a Lawn Care Contract Important?

A lawn maintenance contract helps clarify any discrepancy that may arise in a relationship of the lawn care contractor and the property owner or caretaker. Creating a lawn care contract would not take much time but it's a lawn care business essential and can save you (and your business) from a great deal of problems in the end.

If the lawn care service provider and customer fail to live up to the terms of the agreement, the other party may seek legal recourse to enforce the terms of the contract.

When Is a Lawn Care Contract Used?

You may use a lawn service agreement under the following circumstances:

  • When you provide services for a business as a lawn care contractor
  • When you are a client who contracts with an independent lawn care contractor who provides services to your lawn
  • If a customer or property caretaker is asking for lawn care services for his property then he should use a lawn care contract to get lawn care services in time and of quality desired.
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