eSignature Solutions for Legal Services Industry

CocoSign is all set to bring about a digital transformation in the way the legal services industry operates. It helps streamline every legal procedure, thus enabling you to cater to more clients at the same time with its revolutionary eSignature solution. With a secure environment for document signing processes, it changes the communication mode of businesses.

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How Does Cocosign Assist The Legal Services Industry?

Get Signed Documents on the Go

With CocoSign, you can now automate invites to multiple recipients to obtain digitally signed forms. Also, you will also be informed when a form has been processed and signed.

Multi-user Support

The legal services industry can collect payments from its clients using online forms. Moreover, CocoSign also makes it convenient to monitor and track these payments.

Data Confidentiality

CocoSign processes all documents securely, all owing to its advanced encryption and two-stage authentication system. This ensures all of your data is safe and protected. It also makes tracking signed documents a lot easier.

Collaboration and Productivity

With automated workflows, you can now get your entire office to collaborate on documents online. This, in turn, leads to higher productivity in the workspace.


CocoSign’s legal forms online contain accurate information for seamless processing. In addition, CocoSign also guides the signers through the entire signing process of the form, designating necessary fields separately.


Seamless Payment Collection

The legal services industry can collect payments from its clients using online forms. Moreover, CocoSign also makes it convenient to monitor and track these payments.

Use Cases

The legal services industry uses the eSignature solution from CocoSign in the following ways:

  • Power of attorney
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Affidavits
  • Sale-purchase contracts
  • Merger-acquisition contracts
  • Loan agreement
  • Prenuptial agreement
  • Promissory note
  • Request for payment letter

Sign legally-binding digital forms and contracts, smoothly and quickly

Go paperless with all your legal documents. Find your state below for all available forms and other legal documents.

Legal Services FAQs

Can CocoSign help me sign legal documents?

Yes, CocoSign lets you sign legal documents of all kinds, from contracts to NDAs. You just need to upload the document in question to the site's server and use the online toolset to sign it.

Are the contracts I create and send out on CocoSign legally enforceable?

Yes, the contracts you create, sign, and send with CocoSign have legal standing in 60+ countries. Check your local electronic signature laws to be sure.

Can I ask my clients to sign documents on CocoSign?

Yes, you can send documents to clients with CocoSign and request their signatures. Further, you can track the signature of the document and signature remotely and send out email reminders if necessary.

Do I need an account to sign a contract on CocoSign?

You don't need an account to sign a contract on CocoSign. But you do need an account to download the document, modify it, save your signature, and use CocoSign's advanced tools.

Why is it a good idea to use CocoSign for legal paperwork?

CocoSign offers a variety of tools that make legal paperwork a stress-free experience. It also speeds up your workflow drastically. Signing documents is a breeze, as is requesting signatures from clients or other parties. The platform also offers a host of powerful document management and editing tools.

What kind of legal documents can I upload to CocoSign?

You can upload any document to CocoSign and get it signed. Some examples include contracts, forms, waivers, NDAs, and petitions. Any legal document you can sign in the material world, you can online through CocoSign.

Is CocoSign safe for legal paperwork?

Yes, CocoSign is a safe place to get your legal paperwork done. All documents are protected through encryption and other safety protocols. Further, the auto-expiration feature ensures that old documents are automatically deleted after a certain period has elapsed.

How do I prove that a client, customer, or other party signed a document with me on CocoSign?

CocoSign offers audit trail protection, among other features. We recommend you include a timestamp on the document your'e signing to prove the document was signed on that date and time.

Is CocoSign safe to use?

Yes, CocoSign is a completely safe platform, secured by the latest protocols and data storage best practices and audit by third-party security teams. You can confidently store your sensitive data on CocoSign.

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