What is a Digital Signature?

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What’s a digital signature?

Digital signature is a modern alternative to physically signing documents. It’s a type of e-signature but of higher level of security. Relying on encryption standard Public Key Infrastructure(PKI), it has been a reliable digital equivalent of handwritten signature or stamp.


How do digital signatures work?

CocoSign has two digital keys for every user: a public key and a private key. A hash is generated and then encrypted using the private key of the sender every time a signer signs a document.

The signed document will be sent to recipients with that hash and the public key. After receiving the document, the recipient should use the public key certificate from the sender to decode the hash.

Then another cryptographic hash is generated by the recipient compared to that hash from the sender for authentication. If they are the same, the document is safe, otherwise, it has been tampered.

What are the benefits of digital signature certificates?

  • Simplified workflow: Instead of signing paper by hand, digital signature certificates offer the convenience of signing documents online which can reduce the time needed to print, send, revise and sign documents.
  • Inherent security: Using a standard known as Public Key Infrastructure(PKI), all data enjoys the highest level of security away from information leakage.
  • Legal compliance: Conforming to electronic signature laws, every signed document is legally binding and it can be accessible evidence in court.
  • Non-duplication: The comparison of the hash from the sender and the recipient for authentication keeps data breach away from your document.
  • Data integrity: Documents are not editable once signed which eliminates the risk of tampering.

What makes certificate-based digital signatures so secure?

Based on public key infrastructure (PKI), every user is issued a certificate-based digital ID by a trusted certificate authority (CA). The public and private keys also play an important role in protecting signers’ information as long as they are created securely. CocoSign is a reliable digital signature provider with the ability to meet the requirements of the public key infrastructure (PKI).

What’s the difference between certificate-based digital signatures and e-signatures?

E-signature is a broad legal concept while digital signature is a mathematical technique. Being one of the E-signature categories, digital signature is safer with more authentication.The audit logs of certificate-based digital signatures make every step traceable which saves time for checking paper records for signed documents. CocoSign promises that users’ information of certificate-based digital signatures and e-signatures will never be disclosed.

Digital signature FAQs

  • What is digital signature?

    Digital signature is an online legal signing method of the highest level of security applied in business where hundreds of documents to be signed. It can replace handwritten documents because it’s more convenient and safer but of the same legal effect as hard copy.

  • What is the purpose of digital signature?

    Obviously, it can streamline the workflow and free people from repetition of signing paperwork. Furthermore, compared to hardcopies, the encrypted documents are non-duplicated and impossible to be altered. CocoSign offers professional e-signature signing solutions for businesses where masses of papers are waiting for signatures.

  • Why do companies transition to digital signature solutions?

    More and more companies today value brand building. A highly efficient and reliable signing system will impress their customers when signing contacts. Plus, instead of printing documents, couriering them to each signer, or gathering to sign physically, they can finish everything online, from signing to archiving. Because of the audit logs, every change is recorded without any repudiation, and hence, more secure.

  • What is public key infrastructure (PKI) ?

    Public key infrastructure (PKI) is one of the most common forms of internet encryption. It’s used when a password is not sufficient to protect the transfer of information. More authentication processes are required to identify users and validate documents.

  • How do I convert my signature to digital signature?

    Get into Profile in Account, and then you can upload your signature easily.

  • How to create a digital signature for free?

    As an all-in-one e-signature tool, CocoSign offers 14-Day Free Trial service with no credit card required. You can sign freely within 14 days with no strings attached.

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