eSignature Resources: Get the Facts and Tools You Need

Stop gleaning information on e-signatures scattered everywhere. Here we have comprehensive insights into the different types of signatures and sort out all the free tools provided by CocoSign helping you create e-signatures or e-sign online with zero costs.

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What’s An Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature is an electronic equivalent to a hand-written signature, indicative of approval and consent to the terms of agreements or contracts.

Learn what is an electronic signature

What Do Digital Signatures Mean?

Digital signatures, a type of electronic signatures, use a certificate-based ID to authenticate signers’ identity, generally considered the most secure form of signing.

Learn about what is a digital signature and how it works

What’s A Wet Signature?

Wet signatures can be seen as the conventional method of signing hardcopy documents with a pen or a name seal.

Learn about wet signatures

Digital Signatures vs Electronic Signatures

Digital signatures are subtly different from electronic signatures, with the former holding higher levels of security.

Learn how to create digital and electronic signatures

Create Digital Signatures

Create and customize your digital signature with clicks. Use it to sign documents 30% faster.

Learn how to create digital signatures

Sign A Microsoft Word Document with Electronic Signatures

Add e-signatures to Word documents using a variety of methods, among which the CocoSign solution leaves the competition behind.

Learn how to sign a Word document

Sign A PDF File electronically without Printing

Quick solutions to sign straight from your PDF document, obviating the need for printing and scanning.

Learn how to e-sign a PDF

Sign PDFs Online with Digital Signatures

A direct, speed-boosting method to fill, sign, or request signatures for PDFs online for free.

Learn how to sign a PDF online using CocoSign

Generate Your eSignatures

A powerful tool to personalize your own online signature for free. Super easy to use it to sign documents whenever needed.

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Free Electronic Signature

Free tools to help you obtain unlimited electronic signatures and sign as many documents as you need electronically with no charge.

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