If you are a freelancer or a business, regardless of the field you operate in, a good relationship with your customers is essential. Once they have chosen your product or service, the last thing you need to do for the purchase to be complete is to issue an invoice.

Apart from leaving a great impression on your customer, the invoice also has the crucial role of making sure they pay the correct amount for the item they bought from you. So, to accomplish that, you need to use an excellent invoice template.

What Is an Invoice?

The invoice is one of the most critical sales documents. It’s a type of bill that the seller issues for the buyer to know the exact amount they need to pay for the products or services they have purchased. It’s a detailed list of the items, the individual price, taxes, and the final cost.

It’s a formal document that underlines the terms of the purchase and makes it easier for the client to make the payment. But for an invoice to be complete and efficient, it must be drafted using a great blank invoice template.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Invoice?

There are two significant aspects that the invoice takes care of, and that is particularly beneficial for your business.

First, it delivers the right and complete information on the items that were sold and the exact price the client has to pay. That’s an advantage for both parties, the seller makes sure there is no debt left, and the buyer can make the payment hassle-free.

Secondly, the invoice is the last document connected to the purchase that your client receives. So, it’s a chance for the business to leave an excellent final impression. Keeping the customer happy is crucial. A well-created invoice will make the purchase memorable, and they are likely to return in the future.

On the other hand, if the client is impressed by a company, both by the products or services they deliver and the professional way they conduct the business, they will probably recommend it to others.

That way, something as simple as using a sample invoice can be the best marketing strategy. Satisfied clients are the best form of advertising, and an efficient invoice created with an excellent invoice template can help with that.

Apart from that, there’s another benefit to using invoices, especially if you create them using a blank invoice template. It makes it much easier to keep a record of every sale.

Electronically drafted documents are more accessible to archive and handle, while written notes can easily be lost or misplaced.

What’s in an Invoice?

The invoice is a formal document that has to convey certain pieces of information that are essential to the purchase. That’s why it must be created with the utmost care and attention. The best way to write an invoice is with a template.

Whether it’s a Google Docs invoice template, a free invoice template pdf, or a downloadable invoice template created by a specialized company, there are a few elements that must always be present. This is what you need to make sure your invoice contains:

The first part is a professional-looking header, where you write the contact information of both parties involved in the transaction:

  • The number of the invoice.
  • The date of the invoice.
  • The payment terms.
  • Identifying information of the billing company, including a contact person, and tax ID, if necessary.
  • Identifying information of the customer.

Next is the body of the invoice; it concentrates on the objects or services that were sold, with detailed information on every item:

  • Line items present the list of products or services that were sold, the price of each one, quantity, the total cost for every item. Each line represents a different individual object or service.
  • Billable expenses are connected costs that you had to pay, and that the client must also cover.
  • Total charges.

The last part of the invoice template is the footer; that’s where you mention the payment terms and any special mention you feel is necessary:

  • Taxes and other due costs.
  • Total due.
  • Payment instructions.
  • Special notes or comments.


Invoicing is crucial in any commercial activity, and a well-crafted invoice is beneficial both for the seller and the buyer. If you are a freelancer or a business owner, you need to find the best way to issue invoices, keep your clients happy, and be able to keep an efficient accounting record.

For a professional-looking invoice template, try the ones from CocoSign. We offer a wide variety of templates for any document your business may need.

Invoice FAQs

What are the main formats and styles for a free invoice template?

If you want to create your invoice using a free template, you can use one of the following: Word, Excel, PDF, and Google Drive.

But while it’s ok to use Google Docs invoice template, invoice template Word, or a free invoice template PDF, if you want a more professional look, you should try a downloadable invoice template created by a specialized company.

What are the special purpose templates?

While the main elements are present in all types of invoices, certain businesses require the invoice template to have a particular format. These are the main special purpose templates: construction, freelance, graphic design, photography, contractor, and pro forma invoice.

What are the benefits of using invoicing software?

An invoice created with professional software will look more professional, and it’s easy to customize. Apart from that, the information is saved for future invoices.

It’s easier to organize and keep your invoices for accounting purposes, compatible with mobile devices and printers, and helpful to create a tighter relation to your client.

What are the main types of invoices small businesses usually use?

Invoices are particularly crucial for small businesses, and these are the main types: pro forma invoice, interim invoice, recurring invoice, past due invoice, and final invoice.

What is an interim invoice?

When you have a larger project, it’s easier to break it down into pieces and milestones, and issue an invoice for the part of the project that has been completed at a certain point; that’s what the interim invoice does.

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