Whether you are a property owner looking for property renovation services or an interior designer, it is always advisable to use a well-crafted interior design contract to protect your interests and investments. Check below to find everything there is to know about the interior design contract, as well as an editable template for your particular needs!

In simple terms, similar to a web design contract or graphic design contract, an interior design contract is an agreement created between the customer and the designer with regards to the scope of work to be done. These days, drafting the agreement is not difficult as there are many templates available online that you can customize.

What Is An Interior Design Contract?

An interior design contract simply summarizes all the information related to the space renovation place and services needed, parties involved, the scope of work, delivery timeframes, total payment and payment terms.

It also lists the contract termination conditions that either party has to agree to before signing the contract. The interior design contract is legally binding and therefore protects the rights and interests of the interior designer and the customer.

When Is an Interior Design Contract Needed?

An interior design contract is always useful when there is a need for professional space renovation services. Even when the work is small, the interior design contract can help get the work completed in time, as per scope and within the budget. The contract protects the payment interests of both parties and ensures the work gets done seriously and smoothly.

What Does An Interior Design Contract Cover?

An interior design contract covers the following sections:

  • Details of design services needed to be complete with architectural drawings, samples and design layout soft copies
  • Interior designer’s responsibilities clearly laid out with respect to each of the service subsection
  • Customer’s responsibilities clearly laid out with respect to providing needed access, permissions, payments and so on
  • Terms of agreement including payments, refunds, cancellation, material supply,drawings and other details clearly laid out in a easy to understand manner
  • Name, contact information of both parties, date and signature
  • Additional scope of work if any clearly defined and agreed to by both parties

Besides the standard sections, you can also customize the contract to suit your individual requirements.

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In short, working on a verbal agreement only is not a good idea. Drafting an interior design contract will be difficult, unless you have a proper template ready for customization. But do not let this worry you. CocoSign provides a whole range of professionally and legally drafted contract templates for your business needs. You can customize these templates as per your requirements.

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