Are you looking for child care services for your kids? Are you a child care agency providing daycare services for busy parents or guardians? In such cases, you may need a proper daycare contract to protect your rights and interests.

Part 1: What is a Daycare Contract?

A daycare contract is a one of the service contract. It is a binding agreement between the service provider, i.e. daycare and the client, or parents in terms of child care. Child care contracts are supposed to contain all the information that a parent/guardian or daycare provider should be made aware of, or what other child care contracts usually include.

The agreement defines the expectations of either party regarding the child care services and helps both the parents/guardians and daycare providers choose what’s best for them.

Part 2: What’s Included in a Daycare Contract?

As mentioned above, every little detail should be covered under such a service contract, primarily because this is your child’s formative years and they deserve the best. CocoSign has sample daycare contract templates that you can go through. Our daycare contracts are detailed to a fault, and include:


State licenses for the business, how qualified creche people are, and so on


Work hours of parents and creche or daycare service providers


What is the cost? Cash or online payment or cheques? Per-child or per-hour? Weekly or monthly? Ending or starting date of the month? Any late fee policies? Fees during holidays, vacations or emergencies (such as Covid-19 or war), refund policies, so on


The daycare contract should also mention the minimum notice period before terminating a daycare contract, and also before the family/daycare provider goes on a vacation, and in cases of late payments by parents/guardians, or any illness in the child, and so on.


What the daycare service provider does in cases of medical and/or other emergencies


Potty and disciplinary training in the care center


A name list of authorized pickup persons should be provided, along with what steps the daycare provider/parent takes if someone else steps in, or if the pickup is taking longer than usual, and so on.


A clear statement of the safety measures and supervision of the daycare building

General House Rules:

The contract should also list general services, perks and rules in the daycare center, such as TV programs, nap time, socialising (birthdays, parties, games, storytelling, etc.), and so on, are done.

Food quality:

Nutritional quality of provided meals, how and when children are fed, what food on what day, and so on

Part 3: What is the Purpose of a Daycare Contract?

The purpose of a daycare contract is very simple - to lay down both parties’ ground rules and expectations for each other. A detailed daycare contract has everything a parent or a daycare provider needs to know, and thus both parties can make informed decisions about their children or business respectively.

Gain Access to Your Daycare Contract Template Today!

For working parents, you could find a suitable daycare facility to look after your kid under some defined boundaries. To make things easier for you, we present a compelling, downloadable, and legally compliant daycare contract template that you could use.

Part 4: When to Use a Daycare Contract?

When to use a daycare contract as parents/guardians:

  • To set your expectations for the daycare provider
  • To declare your financial capabilities and income sources
  • To try and clarify any misconceptions for the future regarding timings, fees, activities in daycare, etc.

When to use a daycare contract if you own a daycare business:

  • To declare your capacity, capabilities and offerings as a daycare provider
  • To set expectations for parents/guardians such as fees, notices regarding late fees or vacations or child illness, and so on
  • To declare what steps to take in emergencies

Whether you’re a daycare business or parent/guardian, CocoSign provides premium and free daycare contract templates for you to personalize your own daycare contract.

We lay down all the essential details and more, thus making your legal daycare contract solid as a rock. Check the CocoSign library and select among the thousands of contract templates, the best one for you.


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