Event planner contracts are as essential to the event planning business as the event itself. This type of contract guarantees that both the event planner and the client have a clear understanding of the planning job that will be done as desired. This is where event planning contract templates come in handy.

What Are Event Planning Contracts?

Like any service contract, an event management contract defines all paid and non paid interaction between an event management provider and his or her client. This contract is a must for companies looking to organise and plan parties, corporate events or other such occasions and event planners who want a straight forward job that pays his or her dues on time and as desired.

What to Include In An Event Planning Contract?

  • Details of service along with scope:
  • This section includes details of services provided by the event planning company like event blueprint, arrangements, event marketing, on site event staff, audio/visual equipment, etc. and details like venue, date, time, services required etc. by the client.

  • Cancellation Policy:
  • It is advisable for the event planning company to include terms and conditions for cancellation like the payment percentage, refund policy, reason for cancellation, cancellation clauses and cancellation terms defined by the client also.

  • Payment Policy and terms:
  • This section includes payment policy by the event management company, payment terms and details along with payment milestone information by the hiring company i.e client, any additional fees for approvals, deposits, total dues and so on.

  • Indemnification Clause:
  • This clause protects the event planning company for being responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses in the event of any misfortune.

  • Termination Clause:
  • This clause allows either of the parties to terminate the contract partially or in full and absolve themselves of any services and obligations under unforeseen circumstances and to clarify whether that cancellation is temporary or permanent in nature.

Event Planner Contract Guide:

  • Until you have a signed contract in hand, avoid working for any client. For the clients in need of event planners, do not hire and start working with them until you sign the contract to avoid extra billable hours or other expenses.
  • Sign the contract only after reading all the terms and conditions carefully. Do remember to keep a copy safely for future references even after the payment is made.
  • Provide details of all services, products, hired equipment, permissions, government approvals and so on.
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