eSignature Solutions for Healthcare Industry

CocoSign has changed the way in which healthcare organizations process documents through multiple layers. CocoSign employs the highest security standards to seamlessly handle healthcare and EMR documents. This leads to streamlined workflow with faster processes.

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Learn How CocoSign Improves Document Workflow for Human Resources

Signing Documents Quickly

CocoSign users can request signs on documents with a single click. Signing documents is just as fast and can be done in multiple ways, based on one’s convenience.

Approving Medical Processes

Some medical processes are urgent and there can be absolutely no time wasted waiting for the signing parties to arrive on the spot. CocoSign allows for instant signing for approving medical processes from anywhere.

Achieve Mobility

CocoSign offers eSignature facility on the go. Users can sign documents even when they are travelling or at any remote location anywhere.

Keep Medical Record Organized

Physical file storage can be difficult and space consuming. CocoSign offers a virtual vault to secure all the documents safely online.


Receive Medical Receipt in Time

Medical receipts are important for reimbursement and insurance purposes. CocoSign makes sure that the medical receipts are available almost immediately.

Improves Patient Satisfaction

Due to time and cost-saving in every medical record processing step, patients are attended in a better way leading to an improved patient satisfaction.

Use Cases

eSignatures are essential for healthcare organizations, especially in cases like:

  • Hospital Forms
  • Patient Invoices
  • Consent Forms
  • Patient Onboarding Documents
  • Health Insurance Documents
  • Prescription for Drugs
  • Laboratory Reports
  • Hospital Agreement
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Discharge Forms
  • Leave Against Medical Advice Form
  • Care Documents

Manage sensitive paperwork effortlessly

Fill out medical insurance claims and registrations

Quickly fill in your medical insurance-related paperwork online with CocoSign. Edit and send it out online hassle-free.

Check insurance medical forms here

Create a last will and testament

Create your last will and testament with the help of a professional template. Sign and authorize it with CocoSign.

Check last will and testament templates here

Create a legally-valid living will

Make a professional living will by following a template, and make it legally-valid wth a digital signature.

Check living will form templates here

Healthcare FAQs

Why should I use CocoSign for my healthcare business?

CocoSign can make your paperwork a breeze. It offers regulatory compliance with HIPAA and other standards. Your clients' data will remain safe, as will yours. Further, it comes with a host of tools that allow you and your clients to sign documents quickly. It speeds up your workflow drastically, and is affordable to boot.

Is CocoSign private?

CocoSign complies with data safety and security regulations like HIPAA, eIDAS, and ESIGN. That means you can trust it to keep your data private and safe.

Is CocoSign HIPAA compliant?

Yes, CocoSign is Health Insurance Potability and Accountability (HIPAA) compliant. That means you can use it to securely send contracts, forms, waivers, and other sensitive documents.

Can CocoSign protect my patients' data?

CocoSign uses the latest security protocols and methodologies to store data. That means your data enjoys top-notch security, including encryption and logically seperated storage.

How does CocoSign work?

CocoSign is an online e-signature solution. It allows you to sign, send, receive, and manage a variety of documents with ease. It provides a host of document management tools like template creation and custom branding.document, including contracts, to your employees or temp workers with CocoSign. Further, you can track the status of the document and the signature, and send them reminders if necessary.

Can I send out documents to my patients with CocoSign?

Yes, you can send documents to your patients with CocoSign. You can track the status of the document from your dashboard and send an email reminder to the patient if he or she fails to sign.

How quickly can I or my patients or clients sign documents using CocoSign?

It hardly takes a few minutes to sign a document through CocoSign. It's as simple as uploading a document, signing it quickly, and downloading it back again. You can also send documents to your clients and have them sign remotely.

Is CocoSign mobile-friendly?

Yes, CocoSign is mobile-friendly. It's a responsive website designed to work equally well from PCs and smartphones.

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