An event photography contract template is made available for assistance to photography businesses or individual photographers and clients wishing to hire a photographer to take pictures on-site at a private function, gala, event, wedding, anniversary party or at an outdoor location.

What Is An Event Photography Contract?

An event photography contract, together with an event planning contract, is useful for event photographers and clients who want their wedding, anniversary party, child’s birthday party, gala event or outdoor shoot covered in a professional way.

This contract provides details of event coverage, payment schedule, completion timeframe, rescheduling/cancellation, any photo-op to be done, rights and re-use clauses.

What Are Included In An Event Photography Contract?

  • Responsibilities of the event photographer and the client hiring for event coverage clearly defined with a formal, phase wise working schedule and payments with limited liability if any.
  • Acceptance of the contract conditions from both parties in writing for commencement, appearance, coverage, payments, equipment, copyrights etc.
  • Payment schedule, total expenditure, reimbursement milestone agreed upon by both parties
  • Details of arrangement, equipment, cancellation terms, damage and repair terms, etc. and ownership rights of the footage, images, video and related content.
  • Cancellation and refund clauses in case of unavoidable circumstances, natural occurrences, injury or sickness of either party, loss or damage to equipment and so on.

Why Is An Event Photography Contract Needed?

The event photography contract covers important contractual terms that can help photography business owners or photographers to protect themselves legally for a private or public photographic event. At the same time the contract protects clients from misuse of their pictures, pictures of venues, their private property and coverage.

Types Of Event Photography Contracts?

There are mainly three types of event photography contracts.

  • Typical event photography contracts that are used everywhere and contain standard terms of coverage of the event like clicking pictures of the guests, stage, events being covered and so on with standard equipment.
  • Still event photography contracts that allow for a designated place for guests and event organizers to get their pictures professionally clicked alone or with the people they want to be professionally clicked with. This contract limits the rights of the pictures to the guests only.
  • Roving event photography contracts that allow for photographers to use drones and moving cameras to click pictures of the requested events or portions of them with a preapproved camera specification as described by the terms in the contract.
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