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  • Bookkeeping Engagement Letter

    Bookkeeping Engagement Letter
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    If you are looking for a bookkeeping engagement letter template, then you can blindly trust the templates offered by CocoSign.

  • At Will Contract

    At Will Contract
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    CocoSign offers a vast list of at will employment contract templates. We provide an exclusive library from where you can pick your choices. Check CocoSign out right now!

  • Babysitting Forms

    Babysitting Forms
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    If you are on the lookout for a babysitter contract template, then CocoSign is the place to be. Select from a wide variety of babysitting contract templates only on CocoSign. Check out right away.

  • Caregiver Contract

    Caregiver Contract
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    If you are looking for a caregiver contract agreement form, CocoSign is the right platform for you. We offer an exclusive array of caregiver contract agreements that you must check out right now.

  • Construction Subcontractor Agreement

    Construction Subcontractor Agreement
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    Choose from an array of construction subcontractor agreement templates at CocoSign. Save time. Easy to use. Make endless edits. CocoSign offers numerous templates absolutely free of cost!

  • Engagement Letter Sample

    Engagement Letter Sample
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    Have you been combing the internet for sample engagement letters but are yet to get a good fit? You’ve come to the right place. CocoSign has several engagement letter templates you can work with.

  • Independent Contractor Agreement

    Independent Contractor Agreement
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    Are you looking for a free independent contractor template for your contracting needs that is easy to fill out and get signed from the other party? Your search ends with CocoSign - the industry leaders in independent contractor agreement template drafting for both contract givers and contract workers.

  • Independent Delivery Driver Contract

    Independent Delivery Driver Contract
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    Search for an array of independent delivery driver contract templates only on CocoSign. Check out our extensive library today for the best features.

  • Simple Professional Services Agreement Template

    Simple Professional Services Agreement Template
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    A professional services agreement document is a serious business and contains lots of details that shouldn’t be left out. On CocoSign, you will find lots of professional services contract templates with all the details you need.

  • Retainer Agreement Sample

    Retainer Agreement Sample
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    We at CocoSign offer an array of retainer contract templates for you to choose from. Check out our exclusive library of legal templates right now.

  • Severance Agreement Template

    Severance Agreement Template
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    Severance agreements are important for any contractual or business relationship. If you can’t draft one, do not fret. CocoSign has a number of sample severance agreement templates you can work with.

  • Subcontractor Agreement

    Subcontractor Agreement
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    Do you need a formal subcontractor agreement template for your subcontracting need that is easy to modify and sign? Your search ends with CocoSign - the industry leader in subcontractor agreement template drafting for both contractors and subcontractors.

Before any contract kicks off, it is important to establish from the get-go, the terms of the contract including date of completion, compensation after completion of job, responsibilities of the parties involved, among other things.

Writing these terms in black and white nips disputes in the bud and helps to properly manage the relationship between the employer and the employee. For any contract agreement to be legally binding, the terms of the contract must be documented in an employment contract.

What is an Employment Contract?

An employment contract is a legal document highlighting the rights, duties and employment conditions making up the relationship between all the parties involved. Once signed by both the employer and the employee, its contents become legally binding.

A well drafted employment contract should protect the interest of both the employer and the employee. It includes details like term, duties, wages, confidentiality agreement, benefits, non-compete agreements, duration of employment, details of termination, expenses, employee warranties of both parties involved.

An employment contract can also be defined as a job contract, contract of employment, job contract, work contract, employment agreement and contract of service.

Types of Employment Contract?

There are several types of employment contracts. They include:

Subcontractor agreement

A subcontractor agreement is drafted to manage the relationship between a contractor and a subcontractor. Sometimes, when a contractor receives a contract from a company or individual, they may choose to subcontract or sublet portions of the project to a subcontractor. The agreement between the contractor and the subcontractor is usually contained in a subcontractor agreement.

Independent contractor agreement

An independent contractor agreement is a contract document highlighting all the fine details of the agreement between a client and an independent contractor. An independent contractor as opposed to an employee is self-employed. Hence, the client isn’t responsible for tax withholdings.

This type of employment contract is used with employees who are paid salaries or have a fixed hourly rate. Employees who use this kind of contract are legally entitled to all employment rights in the country where they work.

Professional services agreement

Like the name suggests, this contract document is used to hire a professional to carry out some specific tasks or provide some specialized services to the client. It is often used when the relationship between the client and the hired professional is a ‘contract for service’ instead of a ‘contract of service’

At-Will employment contract

This is used to manage a special kind of employer-employee relationship where either party can walk away from the contract anytime. The employee may choose to quit at any tome while the employer can terminate the contract without cause. Without cause in the sense that they are permitted to terminate the contract with the employee for violation of public policy, disability and sexual discrimination.

Why Is An Employment Contract Important?

Unless a contractual relationship is an employment-at-will relationship, drafting an employment contract is essential. The following are some of the reasons why they are used in most climes:

  • Dispute resolution
  • Establishing conditions of staff leave
  • Protection of employee rights
  • Highlighting the responsibilities of both employers and employees
  • Labor certainty for employer and job security for employees.

It is essential that both employers and employees sign an employment contract to provide good evidence for a breach of contract in the case that a legal dispute ensues. At CocoSign, you will find free independent contract, subcontractor and other forms of contract templates for personal and corporate use.

Employment Contract Templates FAQ

WDoes an employer have to give reason for terminating an employee’s contract when using an at-will employment contract?

With at-will employment contracts, an employer doesn’t have to give employees a reason for terminating their contract. Still, it is only good you do so because not giving reasons may leave the employee suspicious about your decision. The disgruntled employee may then be more apt to file a lawsuit against you.

What is the difference between a professional services agreement and a subcontract agreement?

Professional services agreements are mostly used for one-time arrangements while a subcontractor arrangement is used for a continuous relationship where the subcontractor is more involved in the project for a long period.

What is the difference between a service agreement and an employment contract?

Unlike an employment contract, a service agreement is used to hire service providers.

Is there such a thing as an engagement letter?

Yes. An engagement letter is a written agreement on which the relationship between a client and third-party relationship. Like most other employment contracts, it highlights the terms of work, payment and the duties of all the parties involved.

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