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CocoSign provide efficient receipt templates you may need, for all types of business, to save your time and improve your workflow.

  • 501(c)(3) Donation Receipt

    501(c)(3) Donation Receipt
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    To be able to use a donation for tax deductions, it has to be a 501c3 donation receipt, approved by the IRS, and drafted using a good donation receipt template from CocoSign.

  • Auto Repair Receipt

    Auto Repair Receipt
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    Every time your car is in a repair shop, the auto repair receipt gives you written proof of every service that was performed, and justifies every cost. Visit CocoSign to get your well-drafted template for free!

  • Business Receipt Template

    Business Receipt Template
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    CocoSign provides you different designs of templates to work on. Customize your template, download it, and edit every time a customer buys a product from you.

  • Car Deposit Receipt

    Car Deposit Receipt
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    Car deposit receipt is a written agreement between the seller and the buyer. CocoSign provides the latest car deposit receipt template without charging a single penny. You can download free car deposit receipt templates here.

  • Car Rental Receipt Template

    Car Rental Receipt Template
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    Attractive car rental receipts can surely leave a long-lasting impact on your customer’s mind. How can you do this? Check out free car rental templates on CocoSign for that.

  • Car Sale Receipt

    Car Sale Receipt
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    When you buy or sell a used car, you need to write all the crucial information in a car sale receipt. Write yours with an efficient car sale receipt template from CocoSign.

  • Cash Donation Receipt

    Cash Donation Receipt
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    Cash donation receipt is used for documenting donations made. If you are looking for better and different styled receipt templates, then visit CocoSign’s website where you can easily choose the receipt that suits you the best.

  • Cash Receipt

    Cash Receipt
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    After every cash transaction, the seller has to issue a cash receipt. And to create a good one, you could use an efficient cash receipt template from CocoSign.

  • Church Donation Receipt

    Church Donation Receipt
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    Church donation receipt is a record of donations made to the church. To get a free church donation receipt template and other similar receipts visit our CocoSign now. Don’t forget to download your free sample!

  • Delivery Receipt

    Delivery Receipt
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    The completion of every delivery must be followed by a delivery receipt, proving that the client has paid for the package. Don’t hesitate to get a well-written delivery receipt template for free from CocoSign now!

  • Deposit Receipt

    Deposit Receipt
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    Deposit receipt is important for documenting a transaction in a trade. Visit CocoSign website for high-quality deposit receipts templates along with many other similar documents.

  • Donation Receipt

    Donation Receipt
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    This template of Donation Receipt contains all the necessary fields required to fill and claim for the purpose of proof of your donations. We have also briefly elaborate on how to create and fill a Donation receipt properly.

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Receipts are the most common documents used in commercial activities. Whether you receive an item or make a payment, you must get a receipt as proof that the transaction was completed.

Whether it’s a Goodwill donation receipt, a sales or delivery receipt, they all have the same purpose. And they can be issued in an electronic form or on paper. Most businesses use a receipt template when they create this document to make sure it has the right form and content.

What Is a Receipt?

The receipt is the document that acknowledges that a transaction has been completed. It can mean a delivery was made, or a donation was received, a payment was made for an object or a service, or any other commercial activity.

Receipts are crucial for both parties involved in that transaction; if it’s a purchase, the seller needs to keep it for accounting reports, and the buyer needs it for warranty issues. If it’s a donation, you need to keep the receipt to get tax deductions.

No matter what it’s used for, the receipt is an essential document that should be carefully drafted and kept.

What Is the Difference Between Receipt and Invoice?

The receipt and the invoice have many elements in common; they both describe the commercial transaction, the object or service that is sold, and the price. But the two documents don’t have the same purpose and are issued at different times during the purchase process.

The invoice is issued before the payment is made; it shows exactly the items sold, the quantity, and the total price so that the client can use the invoice to make the correct payment.

On the other hand, the seller only issues the receipt after the payment was made, as proof that they have received the money.

What Are the Basic Components of a Receipt Template?

The receipt template is highly used in all types of businesses, as it’s a versatile form used to create every type of receipt a business may need. Whether it’s a sales receipt template, a receipt book template, or a donation receipt template, they are all widespread and easy to use.

Small businesses must be especially careful about keeping an accurate record of the transactions, so they appreciate a receipt template even more. Whether you get the receipt from a supermarket cashier or a landlord, the receipt template they use must have the following sections:

  • Identifying information of the company or person that receives the payment.
  • Identifying information of the person who makes the payment.
  • The date of the payment.
  • The receipt number.
  • The amount of the payment.
  • What the payment was made for.
  • The payment method (cash, credit card, etc.).
  • The signature of the person who received the payment.


We use receipts almost every day since all commercial activities need proof of completion and payment. That makes the receipt one of the most popular documents.

Even if it is a straightforward form, it’s still best to create it using a receipt template, to make sure it’s complete and that it looks professional. CocoSign has all the templates you may need, for all types of documents, including a very efficient receipt template.

Receipt Templates FAQ

Why should I use a rent receipt template?

The relationship between a landlord and the tenants has to be clear to avoid any misunderstandings or conflicts. And since the rent is the significant aspect to consider, the landlord has to issue proof for every payment they receive.

How to scan a receipt?

One of the easiest ways of saving a receipt for your records is to scan it, so you can keep electronic evidence.

Can I use Word to create a receipt?

Yes, Word can be used to create a receipt template. Use the Office button, select New, then Receipts, and select the template.

What is a Goodwill donation receipt?

The Goodwill donation receipt is the document you get every time you donate something to this organization. It’s one of the cases when a donation receipt template can be used.

What are the most common types of receipts?

The receipt is such a broadly used document that you will see many forms of it on a daily basis. But these are the most common areas where they are used: rent, cash sales, donations, taxi rides, deliveries, and hotels.

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