CocoSign Terms of Service

The below terms govern usage of all brand names registered under CocoSign and offerings included as part of CocoSign products and services.

The below Terms of Service (“Terms”) govern the use of, its features, services, products, and applications offered (collectively called the “Service or offerings”) by you. Please read these terms carefully, as it implies a binding legal agreement between you (“user,” “your,” “you”), and (“CocoSign,” “we,” “our,” “us”).

You must be at least eighteen years of age or legally an adult in your country to enter into a legal agreement or sign up for the service on our website or app.

You can accept the “Terms” by checking a checkbox which will be considered as your formal acceptance of the registration and usage terms for these services. By using our Services or Software, you agree to these terms including the binding arbitration provision, waiver of jury trials and class actions. If you disagree with any of the below stated terms of service, please do not access our software or register for our services. These terms are applicable to use or access of CocoSign services. CocoSign may revise its “Terms of Service” from time to time without any direct notification and users agree to abide by any such changes. Any new services, product, features or changes to the existing services or software shall also be governed by these “Terms of Service”.

1. Services and User Types

We provide a range of products and services including electronic signature services, contract templates, formal agreement templates and more. These generic products, features and services can be used by an individual, business or individuals representing a business for their personal or professional requirements. Our services are provided electronically only and can be accessed and availed using any Internet software and browser. However, you can download and take printouts of these documents easily.

Our user base comes from various industries, regions, nationalities and as such there is no restriction on user type except that it be an individual or a corporate user. However, one has to be legally an adult in their country to enter a formal agreement for using our products, services or software.

2. Account Registration and Use

Your registration, access and usage of all our products, services, features etc. is subject to your manually signing up for a user account using correct, current, verifiable and accurate information only and updating it in case of any changes in future. Failure to provide correct and accurate information may lead to closure or suspension of your account.

Any formal complaints if established by a legal authority in your country on the perceived intent of misuse, misrepresentation or false representation of information may also lead to termination of services or closure of your account upon establishment of these complaints in a legal way.

3. Use and Access Rights

You can access and use your individual or assigned corporate account as per your convenience. However, sharing of your user account information is prohibited. Managing your account login and information is solely your responsibility and we are not liable for any loss of login information, theft and misuse of your account or information therein or unlawful usage arising out of your voluntary disclosure of your login details to any other person.

We may only put your account on hold or restrict access in case of an explicit written request from you or a legal authority in your country upon a formal written request only.

4. Ownership and Feedback

CocoSign allows users the full ownership of their generated, uploaded or modified content for their personal and professional use. Users can also freely distribute their content and information to third party users for reasons they seem reasonable.

However, users are fully liable for any data that they share in the public domain. We do not take liability for any personal or sensitive data shared by users in public space electronically or on paper. On the contrary, users should not share third party information with others and they will be solely responsible for their own action if they do so. Any complaints arising out of the same will not be addressed by CocoSign and will be the sole liability of the users.

Users are more than welcome to provide us feedback about our products, services and features through email, contact form or phone. We value our customers more than anything and try to continuously improve our services accordingly.

5. Privacy and Security

CocoSign is committed to protecting privacy and security of user data and adopts the prevailing industry standards in data security, encryption and accessibility. However, CocoSign is not liable for any data breaches from third party websites such as email service providers, third party apps and so on.

CocoSign is also not liable for any privacy or security issues caused directly or indirectly by a user's failure to prevent unauthorized access to their login information and data, breach in their software systems, devices, theft and so on.

6. Customer Obligations

By accepting our terms of service, customers will indemnify us of any third-party claims, costs, damages, liabilities such as penalties, interests etc. and any other expenses of unforeseen nature arising due to any possible breach of these terms.

Customers also permit us to install any code or software on their systems to help them provide the services they signed up for. Customers are also obliged to prevent the information of other parties shared with them upon mutual trust and for the contract purposes and will not use it for any other purpose.

7. Payment Terms

Users may avail our services or purchase its products on a prepaid, subscription or pay on as needed basis by paying to us directly or through a partner third-party application. Users will not be able to provide payment through a payment gateway, means or channel not accepted and listed on our website. Our products and services will only be made available to users in accordance to the payment plans listed by us and chosen by the users. They are however welcome to use our trial offers or services as and when advertised on our website, apps or emails.

If for any reason, users are not able to avail our services after payment is made and acknowledged due to any technical issue or problems with payment gateway in due course, we will provide a full refund on their purchase. However, we will not be able to provide a refund of any kind for any purchases made by the users on products and services that are time bound and not availed during the access validity of the product or service.

8. Term and Termination

We will provide our products, features and services to our users in accordance with our terms of service and payment plan. Upon successful completion of product unit purchase, service term/ subscription/ or one-time service, accessibility for these products and services will cease and users can only avail them again upon repayment at the listed rates in a similar manner as before.

Users can also terminate their agreement with us by notifying through the proper channel or when they close their account. Closure of the user account will not guarantee storage and retrieval of user data for use later. Closed accounts cannot be reopened again but users are welcome to create new accounts with us. Push notifications with regards to our offerings and upgrades will only be sent to you if you agree to them by clicking on the checkbox or subscribing to these.

9. Confidential Information

Confidential Information refers to any type of information related to agreeing parties and not just contact or payment information. Confidential Information concerning CocoSign, exchanged orally or in written form and not within public domain is also covered in this clause.

Confidential Information shall only be exchanged to permit the Recipient (Party) to potentially enter into a formal agreement with the Disclosure (Party). It is not to be used for any other purpose except as expressly permitted in this agreement.

Each party will ensure that it will take adequate precautions to safeguard the information of the other party and avoid disclosure and unauthorized use of the Confidential Information of the other party.

10. Warranties and Disclaimers

CocoSign products, services, features etc. are offered on an “as is” and on available basis with no representation or warranty written or otherwise related to fitness, functioning, integrations, trade, performance issues, compatibility and so on.

We do not warrant that our products, software, services or features will continue to work uninterrupted without any error or issues of any kind. We do not provide any warranty, or take responsibility for any modifications to our offerings or usage of prohibited technologies, software, operating systems, apps etc. done by third party vendors without our express written consent and approval thereon.

We will extend services and support to our customers that we receive from third party providers, our vendors and partners to help customers with the service we provide and we expect them to cooperate with us as per our arrangement with them. However, we do not provide any warranty of any kind on these third-party components, services or integrations and are not liable for any claims arising out of it in case of failure or malfunction of any of these components.

11. Indemnification Obligations

Users shall defend us with the legal team selected by us in case of any legal dispute arising out of usage of our offerings during or after usage of these. Users shall pay and indemnify us against any kind of expenses that may be incurred by us including lawyers’ fee as a result of any court proceedings or judgements.

We have no obligation to indemnify or support users against infringement complaints, intellectual property rights issues or leakage of information to others or in the public domain.

Users shall also indemnify us and our offerings, partners, vendors, employees from any suits, claims, complaints, penalties, fees, or any expenses of any kind arising out of the usage of our offerings, failure to comply with applicable laws and or breach of any of their obligations.

12. Limitations of Liability

CocoSign will not be liable for any loss, claims, expenses, costs, fee or damages direct or indirect of any kind arising out of use of our offerings at any time. We are also not liable for any misrepresentation, lack or limitation of services, claims etc. made by third party vendors, affiliates, vendors, employees and so on made in their own capacity and not affirmed by us.

We are not liable for any services, offerings, payments, costs or support other than those listed by us in the agreement and paid for by our users. These limitations on liabilities are permitted as applicable and in accordance with the laws of your country.

CocoSign and users agree that any issues arising out of this agreement, their usage of our offerings and its performance will be admissible and held in the place where our main office is situated. You agree to send all issues concerned with the content of the document to the other party only. By agreeing to these terms, you are agreeing to do business with electronic form of documentation and e-signatures and not paper based form of documentation and signatures.

With each login to our service, usage or involvement of the other party for services CocoSign may send you notices pursuant to these terms on your registered email id. You may send notices pursuant to these terms on the email listed on the contact us page. These terms of service precede any other agreement forms made by us to our users. Users shall abide by these terms of service to avail our offerings and benefit from it.

For any issues then please contact us at

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