eSignature Solutions for Sales Teams

Sales teams often interact with multiple clients and sign them on a regular basis. In order to make the process seamless and quick, it is important that the potential clients do not have to wait for receiving any documents or to get them approved.

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Speeds Up the Sales Process

A major step in the sales process is providing prospective clients with various signing documents and getting the client onboard. CocoSign speeds up this process significantly as everything can be done online.

Reduces Legal Risks

With CocoSign, documents are transparent to each side. eSignatures are accepted everywhere and they are more secure as compared to other alternatives. This reduces the risk of any legal issues arising later.

Remote Signing

CocoSign’s eSignature can work from anywhere through any device. It enables people to sign documents on the go without needing anything other than an internet-accessible phone, tablet, or a computer.

Real-Time Document Tracking

With CocoSign, users can share the signing link for a document and check the updates in real-time. They can also create fillable documents where the other party can fill in the fields while the document owner tracks the progress.

Secure Documentation

CocoSign uses SSL (secure socket layer) encryption protocol for securing signatures as well as document storage. This same encryption is used in most secure interfaces such as PayPal, making its reliability undoubted.

Boosts Customer Experience

Customers no longer have to wait to receive any documents and the sales team do not have to wait to get them signed. This speeds up the client onboarding process significantly, boosting the experience of the customer.

Use Cases

Sales team globally employ CocoSign’s eSignature platform in order to improve productivity and

efficiency in areas like:

  • Sales Contracts
  • New Customer Forms
  • Service Requests
  • Customer Onboarding Documents
  • Change Orders
  • Customer Approvals
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Payment Terms
  • Policy Binding Agreements
  • Legal Retention Agreements
  • Power of Attorney Documents
  • Account Opening

For faster closing and a better customer experience

Create and sign agreements quickly

Sign legally-valid agreements with customers and clients online in minutes with CocoSign's powerful e-signature tools.

Check agreement templates here

Make legally-binding contracts in minutes

Choose from an exhaustive number of contract templates. Edit and sign contracts online with CocoSign's digital signature solution.

Check contract templates here

Clear out bills of sales online

Authorize the transfer of goods with bill of sale documents. Edit, sign, and send them out online with CocoSign.

Check contract templates here

Sales Teams FAQs

What is CocoSign and how does it work?

CocoSign offers a hassle-free, convenient way to manage, send, and receive legally-binding signatures. Further, it offers a comprehensive set of tools to help individuals and teams to securely complete paperwork online. All you need to do is upload a document and use CocoSign to sign it.

How can sales teams benefit from CocoSign?

CocoSign provides a host of sales-friendly tools, from custom branding to email reminders. Your sales team will be able to complete paperwork faster, communicate with clients better, and close deals quicker. Using CocoSign ups workflow efficiency and improves your ROI.

Are documents and contracts signed using CocoSign legally binding?

Yes, documents and contracts signed with CocoSign are considered legally binding in 60+ countries. Electronic signatures enjoy the same legal status as wet signatures.

Can I and my clients sign sales forms and documents on our mobile devices?

Yes, you can sign sales forms, waivers, and other documents from your mobile devices. CocoSign is built to be responsive and mobile-friendly.

Is it safe to sign sales documents online?

You can safely sign sales contracts, receipts, forms, and other documents online on reputable e-signature platforms like CocoSign. CocoSign offers protection like advanced encryption, extra security, and digital audit trail.

Can I send out sales forms, waivers, and contracts with CocoSign?

Yes, you can send out sales forms, waivers, and contracts via CocoSign. You'll be able to request signatures from your team members, customers, and clients. CocoSign supports multi-signatories.

Do I need an account to sign sales documents on CocoSign?

You don't need an account to sign a sales document on CocoSign. But you will need an account to manage, download, and modify your document(s). And if you'd like to store your signature on CocoSign, then you need an account.

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