CocoSign Security Overview

CocoSign is equipped with the latest security infrastructure to protect your data from external threats.

User Authentication

Data management companies tend to make information security an integral part of their system. The permissions on data accessibility must be limited to minimize risks.

At CocoSign, the security of user data is given prime importance. A cross-functional team of experts has been appointed to oversee security related issues and curate a risk management strategy.

As a part of CocoSign’s commitment to International Information Management Standards, access and use of data is strictly controlled via active monitoring and alerting. Not only this, but CocoSign staff has also been specifically trained in information security.

This includes the protection of CocoSign information assets, the client’s information assets, and information about the technology used for data processing. Along with this, background checks of all the employees and subcontractors have been carried out.

Each member of staff has been delegated specific access rights with multiple layers of security authentication. As different departments work on a particular aspect of customer data, only that part of data is available to them.

No one can log in to the system without proper identity verification. All CocoSign encryption programs are audited by third parties to ensure access security and regular up-gradation of the system.

Audit Trail of the Signing Process

In order to know the root cause of a cyber-attack and devise a mitigation strategy, it is necessary to have a contextual insight into the incident. This includes having information like who, what, where, when, and how a security breach happened.

So, from where can you get all this data? This is where audit trails come into play. Audit trails are the best starting point for carrying out an incident response operation. Audit trails are useful for detecting unauthorized modifications in a document and defining the scope of the attack.

At CocoSign an audit trail is attached with each eSignature request. Thus, when a customer forwards a document for a signature request, a unique document identifier is affixed to the completed document.

This audit trail shows who accessed the document and when, and ultimately a record is kept for every modification done in the document. This proof of modification can be used as a defensible proof in threat detection and legal processing.

Document and Signature Security

With the advancement of knowledge and information technology infrastructure, the latest techniques have been devised to make electronic data more secure. This is evident by the security protocols adopted by CocoSign for developing eSignatures.

First and foremost is to ensure the physical security of the CocoSign facility. This is maintained by allowing entrance to a limited number of people to CocoSign premises. Also. it is controlled by multiple security practices that are in compliance with international security standards like ISO 27001 and SOC 1 & 2.

Next is the protection of data under processing in the CocoSign computer systems. This is achieved by having a centralized information management system that controls user access within the network.

A person is able to process data only after going through multiple authentication processes. This is complemented by the latest anti-virus programs and malware detectors that protect CocoSign production environments from threats.

If in case a potential risk is detected, it is immediately reported to CocoSign operation and security team for taking corrective action.

Cloud Security

As CocoSign deals with electronic documentation and eSignatures, much of the data is stored on the cloud. These unconventional data processing and storage requirements mandate extraordinary security actions.

Consequently, CocoSign has invested heavily in maintaining and improving cybersecurity capabilities. Along with this, experts have developed a state-of-the-art enterprise information security protocol that is in compliance with national and global security standards.

Moreover, the cloud management system is annually upgraded based on the recommendations of third party auditors.

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