Top 100 PDF Templates

The Importance of PDF Templates

Having professionally-crafted PDF templates can turn out to be quite handy. Here are some of the reasons that make PDF templates quite important and advantageous as compared to other alternatives:

  • Consistency: Consistency is the key to running a successful business. If you are creating a document over and over again, you would want the basic elements to remain the same. A PDF template handles this issue very well.
  • Time-Saving: PDF templates can save a lot of time by avoiding the trouble to create the file from scratch. The template can be edited online and sent to the recipient directly for signing, instead of having to send the document by post or by hand.
  • No Research Required: Certain forms and documents are only available at specific websites or might require visiting a physical agency. Having downloadable PDF templates means that you can skip the whole research process of finding the information or documents online or offline.
  • Integrate Multiple Elements: PDF templates can integrate various elements such as text, images (logos), checkboxes, and more with ease. When printing the PDF template, these elements come out as they are intended. Other options (such as Doc files) do not handle this issue very well.
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How to Use These PDF Templates?

Using these PDF templates is a fairly easy process. Follow the steps below for sending the PDF file to someone or for requesting someone’s signature:

  • Step 1: Browse through the PDF template library and choose the right template for your business. Once you have found the template you require, click on it.
  • Step 2: You will be redirected to the template page. Click on the ‘Use Forms’ button on this page.
  • Step 3: Add the email and name of the recipients who are to receive a copy of the PDF. You can also add a recipient whose signature is required on the file. Once you have added them, click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • Step 4: The PDF file will open with the template content. You can make any changes to the file and add fields as per requirement. The PDF template can also be filled here. Drag and drop the fields from the ‘Tools’ section into the PDF template. Click on ‘Next’ once done.
  • Step 5: Review the email subject and the email body that the recipient will receive. Click on the ‘Send’ button.
  • Step 6: If you don’t have a CocoSign account, you will be asked to sign up. If you have an account, you can log in by entering your credentials. Once you do, the email with the PDF file will be sent to the recipient.

Why Use CocoSign For Your Document Needs?

CocoSign is the prime choice for businesses and professionals to handle their eSignatures and online form requirements. This is because of the following reasons:

  • Customizable Templates: All of our templates are 100% customizable by the account holder. You can also lock in any fields that you do not want to be modified by the user. There are a lot of elements that you can add to the form, such as a signature box, checkbox, name, date, and more.
  • Request Multiple Signatures Directly: Once the form is up to your requirement, you can send it to the recipients for signature. Multiple recipients can be added for the same document, and you can choose which recipient gets a copy and which requires to sign it.
  • Online Interface: Every CocoSign feature can be used directly from the online interface. For the recipient, there is no need to have a CocoSign account to download the document or eSign it.
  • Cloud Storage: Say goodbye to organizing and storage troubles by using the free CocoSign cloud storage that comes with your account. You can save as many documents as you require on CocoSign cloud which adheres to the highest security standards for data safety.